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Jul. 30th, 2016 11:23 pm
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 I found this link while I was working on my The Hundred and One Dalmatians - Dodie Smith story, and didn't want to share it at the times as it might have tipped people off.

 It's called Black and White and mashes up Dalmatians with ... Anita Blake.  The author is not an LKH fan, but it channels early Anita pretty well.

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 Now that authors have been revealed, I can claim my works for My Old Fandom 2016.

 My original assignment resulted in Diplomatic Functions, a ST: TOS story where Kirk thinks he's going to have a quiet evening...

 I also completed 2 pinch hits for this exchange.  The first was A Visit to Rosings Park, an "after-canon" work for Pride and Prejudice that seems to have gone over well, in which the Darcys visit Rosings Park.  The second was Kindness Makes Kind Cats, featuring Pussy Willow and the White Persian Cat from Dodie Smith's 101 Dalmatians, in which the White Persian Cat makes a friend.

My recs:

1. Like Four, Three, Two - Another take on the relationship between the White Persian Cat and Pussy Willow.  The cats are very catlike, excellent story.

2. Perennials - An excellent Secret Garden story, in which Colin has a solution for their problem.  Great story and good use of dialect to enhance, not overpower.

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Not as many ones I enjoyed this year, but here are a few.

1. Freedom from Fear - An interesting and magical take on the Cinderella (Perrault) story.

2. The Heart of the Labyrinth - What if the Labyrinth was sentient?

3. of all men now alive - An Athena and Odysseus piece.  Mostly Athena.

4. Making Things Right - Sleeping Beauty with time-travel.

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 A few recs from the Final ShipSwap collection!

1. Let The Water Wash You Clean (MCU, Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov) - This one is really good.  A little introspection, because showers are good for that.  The voices of the two characters are SPOT on, and there's even a "Language" moment.

“You know what defines you?”
“The fact that I’m a killer?”
“The fact that you’re not.”
“Rogers, I kill people all the time. You’re with me for most of them.”
“And I’ve never seen you hurt someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

2. Building Blocks (MCU, Steve Rogers/Maria Hill) - This one is funny.  The story is told by notes and text messages (transcribed for ease of reading, with art) and it's really good.

P: So, he’s sending you food, and gifts that are tailored to your likes, but you’re not dating.
M: We are most definitely not dating.
P: Because that sounds like dating to me. Or, at least, the bit that usually happens before dating. Or possibly when he’s been a dick and is trying to apologise.

3. and it all comes back to you (TOS, Spock/Chapel) - Interesting canon-divergent take on this relationship.  It's sort of sad and bittersweet, but I enjoyed it.

4. Unsent Holos (Star Wars, Leia/Han) - Good introspection piece.

5. Reception (Vorkosigan Saga, Duv/Delia) - This one will be of interest to the LMB fans amongst us.  Diplomatic reception!  Dancing!  Plumbing troubles!  Listening devices!  Delia and Duv doing the tango.  Go read it!


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1. Sweet and Wicked Ways (Venetia - Heyer) - Venetia gets her orgy.  For mature audiences only.

2. Rose-Leaves (Venetia - Heyer) - Venetia and Damerel's wedding night.  Also for mature audiences.  Verry nice.

3. Accio Insurance (Insurance Commercials) - Insurance commercials meet Hogwarts.  It's hysterically crack-fic.

4. The Broken Hearts Case (Marple) - A nice little afternoon visit with Dolly Bantry and Miss Marple... and a murder, of course.  The Marple voice is beautifully done.

5. How to Win Friends (With Fins) (Jaws) - The shark was just trying to make friends.  Crack-fic.

6. Morning in the Morgue (In Death series) - Canon-divergent, Morris/Peabody.  Short and entertaining.

7. Relocation (Ghostbusters movies) - A nice little story about the Library Ghost in the first movie.

8. Mr. Boddy's Profile (AirBnB) (Cluedo) - A mocked up profile of Boddy Mansion.  It's pretty funny, with some lines.  (Like one guest complaining how sometimes it can take forever to get from room to room.)

9. The Tower Room (Anne of Green Gables) - Anne and Gilbert spend a night together in Windy Poplars.

10. My Dancing Day (Anne of Green Gables) - Who says the manse girls can't sneak in a dance?

11. Home is the Hunter... (Anne of Green Gables) - What do Shirley and Carl get up to after the war?

12. Christmas at Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables) - The first Christmas after the war.

There's some others I want to read, including an X-Wing fic, a 10,000 word Oxford Time Travel Universe one, and 2 long Penric stories.

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Finally getting around to reading all the stories in the Fandom Stocking collection.

My gift: Aches and Braggs - Baby-Sitters' Club, Sam/Stacey fluff.

My recs:

1.  A Matter of Persuasion - Carmen Sandiego runs into Captain America in a HYDRA dungeon.

Hydra is, on the whole of it, arrogant and messy. They leave their toys lying all over the place, their art and their money, usually in the hands of people with no understanding of what they have.

Carmen can hardly be blamed for helping herself now and then. Which is precisely what she's doing when she discovers Steve Rogers chained in a literal dungeon. There's even a skeleton chained to a far wall and, as she stands there, a rat runs over her shoe.

"Delightful." She kicks it off and then surveys their surroundings.

2. To Boldly Go - an assorted collection of Star Trek ficlets (TOS, TNG, DSN).  A little something for everyone.

3. Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance - Babylon 5.  Missing scene from "Soul Mates" (i.e. Delenn's bad hair day).

4. Sisterly Love - Baby-Sitters' Club, Claudia and Janine sisterfic.

5. Ante Up - Baby-Sitters' Club, Stacey and older Thomas sibs play poker...

6. Cavorting with the Enemy - Baby-Sitters' Club - Charlie/Janine fic.
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I forgot to post about my Rare Pair Fest gift, Snapshots of Second Love, a Baby-Sitters Club one about Elizabeth and Watson.  Cute and funny, and not too sweet.

He might not look like the romantic hero of anyone’s dreams, but he kisses like one.

The Fic Corner stories are up and unrevealed, so here were a few of the ones I really enjoyed.

First was my gift, of course: To Help the Man Behind the Gun, Anne of Green Gables.  Faith Meredith asks Dr. Blythe for a favor, set during Rainbow Valley.  It's good and lovely and if you are an AoGG fan, you should have a look at it.

Others I enjoyed:

Molly and the Super-Hero - Molly from the American Girls books meets Captain America from the movies.  Light and funny and very readable!  There's also a shopped cover featuring Molly with the shield.

Haunted - Remus Lupin confronting old ghosts and the fear of new ones.  Harry Potter, very good.

Flytail Express - A Laura Ingalls Wilder sort of AU.

Slip Away - Tillerman Cycle, a look at Abigail and her husband.  It's sort of a depressing spiral down sort of story, but it's well-written.

The Last Edits - Two Minute Mysteries's Dr. Haledjian has some final edits.  I know this one was done on short notice, and it's funny.  It pokes fun at Haledjian without being too malicious.

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My Yuletide story: Not The Only Sleuth (Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene) - Helen Corning solves a mystery involving Nancy.  If you're a fan of the Mystery at Lilac Inn, you should definitely read this.

A Yuletide treat: Confidential Secretary (Perry Mason books), focused on Della Street.

More recs to follow.

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Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie
2010 Answer: Pride and Prejudice by BBC (1980 and 1995)

Books into movies are always a delicate issue.  The reason the P&Ps are both so good is that they went the miniseries route and did six hour long works, which let them really capture the books.  They don't cut a lot of stuff out, or add a lot of stuff in (okay, yes, they did add the swimming in the lake scene in 1995's P&P but I thought it was a worthy addition - the icon is in honor of that scene).  They preserve context for people who didn't read the book, and they pay attention to characters.  I stopped watching the 2005 P&P with Keira Knightley the moment they showed PIGS in the house, demonstrating that they didn't understand one of the primary issues of P&P's plot - not that the family doesn't have money and a reasonable house, but that they stand to lose all of it with Mr. Bennet's death due to entail.

There are several good Agatha Christie adaptations - Murder on the Orient Express is very well done with an all-star cast, including Sean Connery as Colonel Arbuthnot for some enjoyable eye candy.  Death on the Nile features Peter Ustinov, who proves that acting a character properly is not all about the physical, as well as David Niven, Bette Davis, and Angela Lansbury.  The David Suchet Poirot series features some good ones - and Suchet is Poirot to the life.  That being said, there's also some bad ones, notably the 1989 update of And Then There Were None that takes place on an African safari under the title Ten Little Indians.

There's also a lot of good movies that aren't necessarily good adaptations of their book - Gone With The Wind falls under this category for me, because there's simply so much they leave out due to time and sensitive subjects (for one, notice that all of the black characters who appear in the movie - Mammy, Prissy, and Pork from the Tara crowd - are "house Negroes", leaving out one of the more interesting characters in the book, Pork's wife Dilcey who is a field hand)  I would be completely on board with a GWTW miniseries.

So, I would have to go with a few suggestions.

The first Harry Potter movie did an excellent job, in my opinion, of translating the descriptions of Harry's world into reality.  It has a good cast and they put some effort into creating the world without slavishly including everything.

A Night to Remember, based on Walter Lord's book, is also very good.  It's a thousand times better than the Cameron movie, and the book is an excellent read.

And, the best adaptation of And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) is a Russian-language one.  It's the only one I've seen based on the book, rather than the play, which means everyone dies.  (It is a Russian movie.)  It's very well done.  The 1945 adaptation is based on the play, and takes what I consider to be too many liberties.


The Rest of the Meme )
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Getting ready to get out of here, although there's a lot of stuff not set in stone yet.  I'm going to try and mail my footlocker Saturday, and then I'll have to mail a smaller box when we get closer.

I've been reading a lot (shocker, I know), especially since Amazon has a Big Deal going until the 11th.  There's been some stuff worth reading in there, including several Perry Mason novels.  Now I want to a) rewatch the show and b) need a Nancy Drew/Perry Mason crossover.  Some of the early ones are definitely pulpy but enjoyable.  Loving the sparks between Perry and Della.

Right now, I'm reading an American Western historical by Carla Kelly, who has written several very good Regencies with people in need of redemption.  This book, Her Hesitant Heart, is just as good if you're a Carla Kelly fan - $1.99 in the Big Deal.

Starting to think about Yuletide (I know, it's only May) and what I want to ask for.  I have my assignment for Night on Fic Mountain that makes me happy, and I have my long ND fanfic to finish.  Finally.  I know.

I think I want to branch out and ask for Twilight Zone - specifically, "The Odyssey of Flight 33".  Trying to buy it from iTunes, but no cooperation from internet here.  I had to pack the disc away.

Oh, and a 10 page paper for my final in class.

Thinking about bookplates for the library.

I found and fixed the error in my checkbook, so that's good.

Just a typical Thursday here.  Fridays are late days for everyone else, so good days for me.  Plenty of peace and quiet to get things accomplished.

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My gift fic, The Title of Cavalier (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon) - Short and sweet and tentative Eric/Sheila, assumes they stay in the Realm.  I like it!

Lost and Found in Translation (ST: TOS, Spcok/Uhura) - Yes it is TOS, not AOS.  If you read and loved the Diane Duane books, and always enjoyed when someone gave the comms officer something more to do, you should read this one.

Imperial Partner (Vorkosigan Saga) - Gregor introspection about Laisa.

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So, all the fics that kept me from reading homework last night:

Testing the Waters - If you've ever wondered what conversation was going on in the gallery after Ekaterin accepts Miles' proposal, you should read this story.

"Forever and fiercely, indeed," he muttered under his breath. Cordelia shot him a question with her eyebrow, but he ignored her and spoke to his future daughter-in-law. "I've asked Miles several times to introduce us properly, my dear, but it looks like we'll have to take care of that ourselves. It is a great pleasure to meet you at last."

Barrayaran Etiquette for the Recently Bethrothed - Miles and Ekaterin have a pre-wedding sleepover.  If you liked "Rules of Barrayaran Sex", then you should read this one - also if you enjoy the Lord Peter Wimsey allusions (complete with Pym being very Bunter).

Miles bowed gracefully, took her hand and kissed it, “I hear and obey, my lady.”

I'll Drink to That - Post-Cryoburn and CVA fic about what might happen after Aral's private service.  Sad but not depressing.

Each one of Cordelia's boys was, by luck or design, accompanied by a strong and capable woman, faces all varied shades of feminine beauty. They were the intergalactic daughters she had never dared hope for.

Skeletons in the Closet - A more ambiguous look at how Gregor feels after discovering what happened at Escobar.  This one was interesting...

He hadn’t slept properly for a week afterwards. In the end he had spent his nights locked in the basement of ImpSec headquarters, reading, silently daring Illyan to say one word in protest. Gregor had had enough of being sheltered behind lies and deception. He was no longer a child, and there were things he needed to know. He needed to know exactly what sort of danger he was in. What sort of danger he was.

And the more he searched, the more he discovered gaps in what he found. Things were missing from ImpSec’s records of the war– small things, nothing major, a document here and there. There were a dozen possible explanations Illyan could give, of course. Things did get lost. So much had been damaged in the mess during Vordarian’s pretendership. But Gregor knew that it had been deliberate, and he wondered.

Bubble - An intimate moment between Gregor and Aral at Gregor's engagement celebration.  Vorish amounts of alcohol are involved... You may find that the room you are reading in becomes inexplicably dusty..

But he was the Emperor here tonight; he couldn't not be. Marriage was not a private act when you ruled an empire and everyone had been waiting for you to marry and beget heirs for your entire adult life, sometimes getting rather snippy about it, in a deferential yet exasperated sort of way. Yet -- he smiled to himself -- it wasn't an Emperor who'd tremble his way through the vows, or climb into bed with his wife. His beautiful, bountiful, delightful, desirable wife; his completely-unrelated-to-him, answer-to-all-prayers wife. His, at Midsummer.

"I dare you," Aral whispered fiercely in his ear. "I dare you to stay happy forever."

Ka Mate - If you're in the mood for intricate, family-fic about foster brothers, Aral during the Regency, with very nicely done descriptions, and a fair bit of cultural mixing, and Cordelia being faintly amused at Barrayarans... you should read this one.  Did I mention shirtless in his prime Aral Vorkosigan?  And a few references to the Rules....and a really touchingly well-done family of characters.  The other two in the series, The Vorkosigans at Home, are very good as well.

Cordelia realized then that for all Aral was her gentle yet passionate lover, a devoted, deeply caring father, and a brilliant, shrewd statesman, he was - above all else - an exemplary warrior, born the day his mother was killed in front of him. Brave, fierce, loyal and unyielding in defense of his emperor, his family, and his people, he was highly skilled in many forms of combat with a multitude of weapons - including his own deadly bare hands. He was the quintessential Barrayaran military man - a battle-hardened, physically and emotionally scarred survivor. She experienced a brief moment of panic when Piotr approached him, not sure of the old man's intent and hating to have him destroy the almost magical mood of the evening with some typically petty criticism, although his uncharacteristic mood tonight had been nearly as odd as Aral’s was.

There were a few others, but these were the best.


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Simon/Alys piece called By The Seashore, dealing with proper sea-bathing attire, High Vor gossip, and the question of children.

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Just one, because I have to read for class, but I had to share this story.  It is beautiful and incredible and perfect.

One Leg at a Time - Ivan and Aral burn a death offering for Padma, and have the Most Incredible Story.

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I promise, I am going to read Struggles for Justice: Social Responsibility and the Liberal State right now, but first I have to share three fics.

Tinkering - A post CVA-story.  Light and funny and the characters are themselves.

Home - Another post CVA story, tied to the one above.  You should actually read this one first.  Ivan and Aral dynamics.  Very, very good.

Where the Heart Is - a young Aral and his grandmother, post Mad Emperor Yuri.

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 So, thinking about taking place in a ficswap about rare ships, and looking through AO3.

 While in there, I found...

Two Tone (Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon) - On how fitting in isn't as simple as getting back... especially if you subscribe to the theory that time passes much slower at "home" than in the Realm.  Sheila-centric.

Promises (DDC) - Trying to get home.

Six by Six (DDC) - An interesting take on coming home.

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Fandom_Stocking is live for this year:

My stocking is here.

It has a lovely ficlet in the comments for A Civil Contract featuring a Lydia/Brough moment that is incredibly well done.

[ profile] not_from_stars also wrote me a Nancy Drew/Frank Hardy ficlet in the comments that is sweet and funny.

There's also some lovely pictures and greetings and a "get one drabble free" card idea which I think I'm going to copy next year.  The writer has A LOT of fandoms, so deciding could take awhile.

There are also recipes.

I also got a gift story in the Archive for A Civil Contract, also a Lydia/Brough moment post wedding.  It's called Happiness.

Other stories in the Archive of note:

A Convenient Excuse (Baby-Sitters' Club, Charlie Thomas/Janine Kishi) - Short and sweet slice of life.

Dress (Baby-Sitters' Club, Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill) - This is hysterically funny.  Bonus points for funny, realistic parental sex talk and snappy dialogue.  Prom Night is sexy but not explicit.

Forks (Vorkosigan Saga) - Short piece with Cordelia and Lady Alys.

Sunny Afternoon (Vorkosigan Saga) - A moment with Ekaterin and Ivan.

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So, I had a much better Yuletide, writing-wise, than I did in 2012 or 2011.
14 stories in 11 fandoms, by yours truly )

So, overall, I wrote 14 stories in 11 fandoms (1 double), in which 5 of them were new fandoms.  Pretty happy with that.

I can't wait for next year!  In the meantime, there are New Year's Resolutions to think about writing.



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