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princess diaries II awkward moments
So, the Yuletide story queen and consequence instantly made me think of this graphic.  It's a fun story.

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So, I had a much better Yuletide, writing-wise, than I did in 2012 or 2011.
14 stories in 11 fandoms, by yours truly )

So, overall, I wrote 14 stories in 11 fandoms (1 double), in which 5 of them were new fandoms.  Pretty happy with that.

I can't wait for next year!  In the meantime, there are New Year's Resolutions to think about writing.

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So, after reading my gift story, I usually try to read the Archive in some semblance of order.  There's over 1600 fandoms this year, and I usually just start with the big alphabetical list, rather than sorting by type of fandom.  This way I don't miss anything.
21 stories in 12 fandoms: Clue, Anne of Green Gables, Baby-Sitters' Club, Wreck-It Ralph, The Westing Game, Venetia, Twisted Disney Princesses, Tangled, Twilight Zone, Toy Story Movies, She-Ra, and The Princess Diaries )
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 My Yuletide gift story is Miss Scarlet / In the Hallway / Without the Revolver.  Someone took my prompt that asked them to imagine Miss Scarlet was actually the FBI agent (because Miss Scarlet is my favorite character), and ran with it in a really funny, well-written, amazing story that perfectly preserves the flavor of the movie, while sort of turning some things on their heads.

 There will be other recs later, but this one gets to stand alone because it is my gift story and I love it!


 PS: I appear to have no Clue icons... what an oversight!
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It is Christmas by 20 minutes here in Afghanistan.  I still have about an hour and a half of free time, but I think I am drabbled out.  I definitely see some things that are going in the NYR prompt list, and I might be able to write one or two more things for Yuletide Madness.  I have 3 stories in the main collection, so back on my Yuletide groove.

We're up to 2364 works in 1527 fandoms for the main collection.  I forget how many participants we have this year.

Yuletide Madness is up to 328 works in 367 fandoms (up 149 and 141, respectively, from yesterday).  Seven of those are by me.

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So, actually getting some time off!  Best Christmas gift this year, really.  I got to sleep for seven hours and still have time to DO stuff.

Like write for Yuletide Madness...

We're up to 2281 works in 1511 fandoms (up 1043 and 465, respectively, from yesterday).  Three of those are by me, and one is my gift!  I was able to get another pinch hit, for a grand total of 2, and they're all complete.  One is for a fandom I haven't written before, which always makes me happy.

There are 322 pinch hits at last count (although several requests have been defaulted more than once) - there was one more that I could have easily done, but it came out while I was in the shower.  A lot of what's been on the list this year seems to either be current TV, anime, or books I haven't read.  So instead I'm going to try my hand at increasing the Yuletide Madness Drabble Initiative footprint.  Or maybe something else... we will see.

 Yuletide Madness is up to 306 works in 348 fandoms (up 149 and 141, respectively, from yesterday).  One of those is by me.

 Listening to Christmas music now and enjoying Christmas Eve.

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 Yes, I am an obsessive stats tracker, especially when I am trying to get something written.  It helps me keep in mind how awesome Yuletide is.

 We're up to 1238 works in 1046 fandoms (up 461 and 261, respectively, from yesterday).  One of those 1238 is my gift!  (Yes, I also obsessively check the "my gifts" section of my dashboard leading up to Christmas.)

 Yuletide Madness is up to 157 works in 207 fandoms (up 45 and 58, respectively, from yesterday).  I have a story to go up in Yuletide Madness, as well.

 There are 226 pinch hits out, one of which I finally scored.

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 I got one, finally.

 So now for some panicking and frantic canon rewatching.

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 Still have been unable to score a pinch hit for Yuletide.  I know nothing STOPS me from writing a story for a prompt I missed, but I seem to work better with a deadline.  Working on one such story now, in fact.

ETA: Yuletide main collection is up to 777 works representing 785 fandoms, and just over 200 pinch hits have gone out. Yuletide Madness has 112 works in 149 fandoms.
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Or, in other words, my Yuletide story is COMPLETE and POSTED, two days before deadline.

Now off to scroll through prompts and look at treats.  Still trying to get a pinch hit, but people don't seem to be giving up stuff I could write.  A lot of the abandoned stories this year either feature anime series I am not familiar with or requests based on TV.  There's been maybe four I thought I could handle.

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 My Yuletide story is finished, and I'm noodling with a title.  It will go up tomorrow, with two days of the normal deadline left to spare.  I have a few treats I had already identified to work on.

 I also plan to spend tomorrow evening having some quality time with the fandom_stocking prompt list (and I already have a Mystery Gift in my stocking this year!) and the full Yuletide prompts list.  There's one fandom where no one posted their letter to to LJ and has had no pinch hits that I want to look at.

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 There's not much going on.  Trying to finish up my Yuletide story and hopefully score a pinch hit.

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I missed a day yesterday due to lack of internet access.

Mostly just working on homework and trying to find a workable plot for my Yuletide story.  I have one that I think would work for a longer story, and I may work on it after I knock out a solid short one, but I don't have confidence in writing a longer one for the Yuletide deadline.  And if you've followed Double Jeopardy, you shouldn't have that confidence either...

So far, my letter stalking has not turned up any of the DDC requests. It's going to be a little strange to not write a DDC story for Yuletide.

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Almost forgot to post.

Mostly reading and trying on plots for my Yuletide assignment.  I think most years I have started and discarded 3 tries on the actual story I was assigned - I generally do better on the pinch hits with writing them in one shot.

Work is work.  No change.



Oct. 22nd, 2013 09:07 am
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 It's Monday.  I'm trying to figure out some way to beat this hibernation instinct I seem to be developing because it keeps me from getting to the gym, which I really can't afford.

 Having a few other issues, work and not-work, and hoping that they will stop being issues.

 Thinking on how to best fulfill my Yuletide assignment, and finalizing my signup for the [ profile] intoabar go round.  I'm either going all 80s cartoons or all teen detectives.

 I watched the Ellery Queen pilot last night (yes, I am routinely 40 years behind TV) and am going to start working through the box set.  So far I am enjoying it.



Oct. 20th, 2013 07:36 am
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 I finally completed a New Year's Resolution fic (and got it posted with twenty minutes to spare) !

Graduation (Baby-Sitters Club)

 A little introspective piece.

 And, the closing of the NYR collection means it's time to officially start Yuletide!  My assignment came to my inbox last night, and I had the usual reaction of "Eeeeee!  Yuletide Assignment!" - click - read letter "How am I going to write this one?"  I have some reading to do before I can kick it off however, based on the letter.  I look forward to the challenge, and I already have some letters identified as possible treats.

 I really do enjoy this time of year.



Oct. 19th, 2013 11:31 am
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 Fridays make me happy, especially with the stupidity at work.

 Ordered the MV's Halloween costume - she is going as Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High.

 I finished my comfort read of Murder on the Orient Express (one of my favorite Christies) and am now having a "why didn't I ask for fic about THIS?" moment.  Watching (or rather, listening) to the movie now.  There are differences in source material, but they both work wonderfully.

 ETA: I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a slight fault in the Kindle version of Murder on the Orient Express.  It is missing at least one sentence from the scene where Poirot is interviewing Greta Ohlsson and asks about her roommate (Mary Debenham)'s dressing gown.

 I need to polish off my NYR tonight so it can get uploaded tomorrow.  Then maybe I should knock out some of the homework.  Now getting off the Internet to finish watching the movie and read a little.


Day 17

Oct. 18th, 2013 08:58 am
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Still stalking letters.

I see we got a last-minute save on the debt ceiling - but I think at this point, we lock them in the chambers on Monday morning and they stay in until they get a real solution.  Still, happy to know that we'll be getting paid on the first of November.



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