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My latest pieces:

My assignment for ToT ended up being a pair of Walter-centric fics for Anne of Green Gables. Let The Piper Play is a missing-scene, last night at Courcelette fic.  To Follow the Piper is a fix-it fic.

My pinch hit was a pair of Vorkosigan Saga fics.  Cleaning House deals with Simon Illyan, tidying up.  Penance is a Simon-centric story.

Then I did some extras:

One Last Job is a Poirot piece set after Curtain.

Never Leave It Behind is a Dungeons and Dragons cartoon drabble.

Once Upon A Time on Arus is a Voltron DOTU piece.

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The collection for My Old Fandom opened up this afternoon, and I must tell you about the MOST INCREDIBLE GIFT story I got!

One, it's 8700 words, which isn't bad for a story that went to pinch hit.

Two, it's just incredible.  It's called The Wand of Siora the Wise, for the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.  Here's the prompt: Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon) - In the Hall of Bones episode, there is a female spirit warrior.  Is she married to one of the men?  Is she a warrior queen in her own right?  Do they ever run into her and/or some of her descendants?  Like I said above, I have a serious issue with getting sidetracked onto minor characters.  Bonus points if you work in Eric and Sheila somehow.

I cannot recommend this story strongly enough - if you were ever a fan of the show, READ IT.  The author did a great job of capturing the feel of the show, the dialogue is wonderful, the whole thing is just - squee!  It's that good.

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 Football season has started with the Lions 1-0.  This makes me happy.  There were a lot of good games yesterday.

 I also introduced [ profile] desert_sdwndr to the "Football on your Phone" commercial by the Manning boys.  Good times.

 The actual nomination planning post is up in yuletide, so I'm going to read that tomorrow.  No time today because I slept too late (due to not being able to fall asleep, grrr)

 First week of class with assignments turned in, so we will see how the grading went.  A little nervous.  One, since it's Women's Studies, they want APA format and that gives me a headache.  Even using the Purdue OWL site, it's still painful.  Chicago/Turabian may be complicated, but I a) am used to it and b) have citation types saved.  However, definitely enjoying the conversations in class.

 Also: has anyone seen any Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon) icons about anywhere on LJ?  I need one.



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