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Jul. 30th, 2016 11:23 pm
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 I found this link while I was working on my The Hundred and One Dalmatians - Dodie Smith story, and didn't want to share it at the times as it might have tipped people off.

 It's called Black and White and mashes up Dalmatians with ... Anita Blake.  The author is not an LKH fan, but it channels early Anita pretty well.

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 Since we won't have an Anita Blake book to entertain us this summer, I found myself a copy of the Dead Ice paperback with the Wounded short story in it.

 I'll be in normal, any quotes from the book will be in BOLD.  There's not really any spoilers in this, it's more like Dancing.

Wounded Snark )
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 Because I simply can't stop watching the train wreck, I pushed through this book.

 Overall verdict: The old "start with a mystery plot for a few chapters, and pick it up in the end chapters" is still alive and well.  I wonder if maybe she should think about doing more short stories, because I think the main mystery plot (concerning zombie porn) and the subplot with the too-real zombie that she raises would have each made a good, strong short story, because that's about the amount of plot and attention devoted to them.  The middle of the book is eaten up with the usual relationship/metaphysics stuff that most of us are just bored by.  Plus, bad wedding planning stuff that doesn't advance that plot at all.  The book also features the traditional 2-3 page epilogue at the end that ties everything up (but Anita didn't get knocked out this time, so progress!) but doesn't actually resolve anything.  Parts of the book dealing with the FBI case appear to have actually been edited.

It's better in some places, and worse in others than the last one.

The Snark )
*** ***

Like I said, some improvement, but not enough.

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Under cuts to save your friends-list.
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On to the snark!

LKH is in italics. I am in normal.

Snark-Infested Waters )
I gave it 2 stars on Amazon, mostly because it was honest about what it was.  Let's face it, she's written worse.


Day 13

Oct. 14th, 2013 10:36 am
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My Yuletide signup is done - although I am a little concerned that I did not get an email from AO3.  The deadline is on the evening of the 14th, so I'll have time to double check.  I'm pondering adding one more request, but not sure - the four I have in are pretty solid.

My DYW letter just has a placeholder.  I plan to work on it tonight.

I also got my snark of the free LKH story "Shutdown" up here.

The homework is due on Wednesday, not Sunday, so I have more time to play with it.

Going to hopefully watch football at the MWR in a little bit.


Day 4

Oct. 5th, 2013 11:40 am
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Friday.  Anxiously awaiting the opening of the Yuletide tagset. ETA: It's OPEN! Squeeing will commence tomorrow.

I posted on [ profile] lkh_lashouts for a change.  I couldn't resist reading and flogging just a little...especially since Amazon will let you return Kindle titles within 7 days.

I tried reading 2 other books from this month's 3.99 or less deals, both disappointing.

There is apparently a limit to the amount of highlights that can be stored on your Kindle.  I know because I hit it.

I haven't said much about the shutdown, since I'm not being affected as much as some.  We're getting our pay.

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 Perhaps, having read the Anita Blake novels first, my expectations were simply too high. - from a review on Amazon of Nightseer, Laurell K. Hamilton's first novel.

 Considering how the series has gone downhill, that made me laugh quite a bit.

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Days 1-11 )

Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t anymore - It's more like a series - Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series.  I read Guilty Pleasures back in 2000, when I had my wisdom teeth out and was up all night anyway, and really enjoyed the books until the series went to hell, or rather to the Unsexy Porn Shop.  Anita used to be cool (not likable, but cool), and now she's just stupid, and the supposedly feminist aspects of the character are insulting, IMO, to actual real-life feminists.  The badness that is now the series even contaminates earlier books, because now you know where the road is going and it's not pretty. The books have gone from having plot with porn to porn porn porn - and LKH's "sexy writing" is really NOT sexy. There's a few pitstops along the way, although a big one is Narcissus in Chains with the possible-rape scene (the scene has changes from original hardcover to paperback, but it's still disturbing) with Micah (not to mention, using soap for lubrication purposes is SOOOO NOT A GOOD IDEA) and the downward cycle that follows.  There's even a LJ comm dedicated to the subject - [info]lkh_lashouts

The question has come up as to what would make those of us who have abandoned the series (at least, abdandoned paying for it) read again, and generally the answer is this: Anita realizes that she's been used, and starts shooting.

Days 13-30 )


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