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I did five stories for this year's go-round of Fandom Stocking.

Four of them were for the Baby-Sitters' Club fandom - there's a group of us that kind of goes around writing for each other.

Silly Superstitions is a Charlie Thomas/Janine Kishi story about catching the bouquet.

Not Like Her Daydream is also a Charlie/Janine story focusing on a first kiss.

Not Ready is a drabble about parents not being ready to move to the next stage.

Parents' Night In gives a pair of busy parents some time to themselves.

The fifth story was a Nancy Drew drabble, and it's a bit of an idea I've had for awhile - Nancy of the yellow spine era meets Frank Hardy of the same era (blue spines), called Locked In.
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 The story for my "get one drabble card" (I am so doing that next year for Fandom_Stocking):

Eve (Star Trek: TOS) Number One and Colt discuss Eve.

 There's also some Avengers related wallpapers here.

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Fandom_Stocking is live for this year:

My stocking is here.

It has a lovely ficlet in the comments for A Civil Contract featuring a Lydia/Brough moment that is incredibly well done.

[ profile] not_from_stars also wrote me a Nancy Drew/Frank Hardy ficlet in the comments that is sweet and funny.

There's also some lovely pictures and greetings and a "get one drabble free" card idea which I think I'm going to copy next year.  The writer has A LOT of fandoms, so deciding could take awhile.

There are also recipes.

I also got a gift story in the Archive for A Civil Contract, also a Lydia/Brough moment post wedding.  It's called Happiness.

Other stories in the Archive of note:

A Convenient Excuse (Baby-Sitters' Club, Charlie Thomas/Janine Kishi) - Short and sweet slice of life.

Dress (Baby-Sitters' Club, Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill) - This is hysterically funny.  Bonus points for funny, realistic parental sex talk and snappy dialogue.  Prom Night is sexy but not explicit.

Forks (Vorkosigan Saga) - Short piece with Cordelia and Lady Alys.

Sunny Afternoon (Vorkosigan Saga) - A moment with Ekaterin and Ivan.

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 My Yuletide story is finished, and I'm noodling with a title.  It will go up tomorrow, with two days of the normal deadline left to spare.  I have a few treats I had already identified to work on.

 I also plan to spend tomorrow evening having some quality time with the fandom_stocking prompt list (and I already have a Mystery Gift in my stocking this year!) and the full Yuletide prompts list.  There's one fandom where no one posted their letter to to LJ and has had no pinch hits that I want to look at.

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My stocking for this year's fandom_stocking (over at Dreamwidth) is here.

The fandoms for this year: Nancy Drew (any era: originals (1930s), post 1959 revisions, Nancy Drew Files), Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys SuperMysteries (not a big fan of the Boys by themselves), Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV Show, Voltron, Jem, He-Man, Bobbsey Twins, Dungeons and Dragon (cartoon), Baby-Sitters' Club, Star Trek TOS (show, not reboot), Ruth Fielding – old serial of books, Jonny Quest (original or TRA), Penny Parker – old serial of books, Trixie Belden, 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, Little House Books, Thundercats, Visionaries, Georgette Heyer – mixed, These Old Shades – Georgette Heyer, The Nonesuch – Georgette Heyer, A Civil Contract – Georgette Heyer, Cherry Ames, Clue, Wreck-It Ralph, Captain America (movie verse), Judy Bolton, Star Trek New Frontier, Sweet Valley High, Ellery Queen (TV), GI Joe (cartoon)

Signups for fandom_stocking are open until 18 Dec, stockings can be filled up to 5 Jan, and the reveal will be on 6 Jan.

It's fun and low-stress.

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 This is my stocking over at [ profile] fandom_stocking .

 There is some cute graphic stuff, and some fanfic ! 

 [ profile] luxken27  wrote me some angsty back-story for the Baby-Sitters' Club (Kristy and her brothers).  It's a great blend of sad and sweet.

[ profile] thistlerose  wrote a short Sven/Romelle piece (Voltron) here.  It's sweet.

[ profile] not_from_stars wrote me a cute Jerrica/Rio piece here.

[ profile] omorka wrote me a fun and slightly shippy Dungeons and Dragons piece here.

 I wrote a few pieces myself (not as many as I wanted to) - they're posted on the AO3.



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