An Actual Update: Fannish Edition

Oct. 21st, 2017 06:29 pm
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Sorting out my mood stabilizers gave me back my ability to read for pleasure and it also gave me back my fannishness.

I've been reading a lot of books, but I've also been reading a shitton of fanfic for the first time in years and just loving it.

I tend to multifannishness with periods of intense focus on one specific fandom. For most of the summer that was Les Miserables, which is a great fandom to binge-read, but a highly inconvenient fandom to want more fic for in 2017, as it's not dead, but definitely doesn't attract as many really good authors as it did a couple of years ago.

Les Mis is really actually two fandoms with one name. There's the Valjean/Javert portion of the fandom, and there's the Les Amis d'ABC portion of the fandom.

I've read and loved some Valjean/Javert in the past, but right now I'm ALL about Les Amis.

The thing about Les Amis fandom is this: in canon almost every character dies, but fandom being fandom says "fuck that shit," and instead you can read thousands upon thousands of ways for everybody to live.

Most Les Amis fic is AUs. Modern AUs. High School/College AUs. Dystopic SF AUs. Fantasy AUs. Soulmates. A/B/O Universes. If you can think of it, someone has probably written it.

But there is a common theme to most of it, a story I needed to read over and over this year. It's a story about queer, radical revolutionaries who get to be happy and maybe even win a little. Not all the great fic is overtly political, sometimes they're radicals in different ways, but that radical queerness is always there at heart, and it feeds my soul.

Also, Enjolras/Grantaire is basically radical idealist who's terrible at human emotion meets cynical alcoholic who's feels too much, and it's gold. If you like pairings who start out the story completely incomprehensible to each other and fight a lot on the way to falling in love, this is definitely the fandom for you. I love stories about people who make each other better, and that's very much the case for these two.

I'm working on a Les Mis recs post but it's rather long, and I've got a lot of other things going on right now, so I'm not sure when I'll get it finished.

Just when I was starting to despair of no more Les Mis fic, [ profile] bonibaru and [ profile] thatmissp started talking about Shadowhunters and linking to stuff. So I watched one of bonibaru's vids and went, "ooh, pretty, also very, very queer". And then misspamela posted a snippet of a fic she'd written and I read it and said, "okay, I definitely need more of this." And then I discovered that it's on netflix in Canada, and decided I'd give it a shot.

I watched the entire 13-episode first season in 3 days.

As my two enablers warned me, it's not exactly good TV. It's a trashy supernatural teen soap opera, and it embraces that. But I actually love that about it, it has no interest in being subtle and nuanced, and that makes it kind of charming and endearing. It's just so earnest.

Also, very, very queer. It's an ensemble show and within that ensemble the romance that gets the most attention and best development is the queer one, and it fills me with joy.

Magnus Bane is a flamboyant, hedonistic, bisexual and immortal warlock. Alec Lightwood is a young, uptight, closeted supernatural demon-fighter. They meet and Magnus immediately goes, "I want that one," and Alec suddenly completely loses the ability to speak. It's adorable.

And of course there's angst, and Alec is a self-sacrificing idiot a lot, but it's also a surprisingly honest and realistic relationship arc for a supernatural teen soap opera.

Anyway, I've just started season two and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's not the kind of fandom I expect to become passionate about long-term, but right now it's providing a much-needed shot of sparkly queerness in my life.

An Actual Update: Real Life Edition

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:06 pm
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Look, I can makes posts sometimes that AREN'T either music or book reviews! Who knew?

This summer was filled with reading, multiple trips to a friend's cottage in the Gatineaus, and learning to be dog owners. That last has been particularly exhausting, but we're getting there. And he is a sweetheart.

This is Bogart:
sitting dog

all about Bogart, with more pictures and a cameo from Dreadful )

There is also a new four-footed resident downstairs. Chakra, one of Rayne's cats, died in mid-August and in September I saw this fine gentleman in a pet store and sent his picture to Rayne, who promptly came and met him and fell in love.

This is Ivan Vorcatril:
white cat

Yes, we do call him, Ivan, you idiot )

Which is better than Kina is with the new temporary downstairs resident.

Three years ago we rescued and either rehomed or tnr'd the colony of feral cats who'd been hanging out in our backyard. One of the first kittens Rayne rehomed was Sage:

grey and white cat

Sage has returned to us, but she can go home with you! )

In non-pet news, As of yesterday I am taking Concerta for ADHD.

This article was somewhat unnerving to read, because so much of it could apply to me: How I Came To Understand My Adult ADHD".

Especially this part, about how long the writer went undiagnosed:
When I asked how this was possible, my doctor-friend hit the nail on the head without looking up from her menu: “You were performing well, so no one asked you how you felt.”

I'm still figuring out what parts of my non-neurotypical brain are because of being bipolar and what parts are in fact due to ADHD. It's a weird feeling to be re-evaluating this stuff now. I'm 37. I've been diagnosed as bipolar since I was 24. I thought I was done learning new and interesting things about how my brain works.
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The collection has been closed and creators have been revealed. If you haven't yet left a comment on your gift, we ask that you take the time to thank your artist or author now.

This wraps us up for the year! We'll be back in May-June of next year for feedback and prep for the next round.

Thanks to all our participants, particularly those who took the time to pinch-hit! See you in 2018!


Oct. 20th, 2017 09:35 am
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I've been a subscriber to the Library of America for many years. I've been pleased with their output, over the years; in addition to the usual suspects - several of the Founding Fathers, big-name authors like Hawthorne, Melville, and Twain, and so on - they've also published Grant's memoirs, a two-volume set of SF novels from the '50s (and they chose well), a volume of fantastic fiction from Washington Irving to August Derleth, and so forth.

I just opened the latest offering. The shipping box was unmarked, so I didn't know its contents until I saw the actual volume. It's the letters of Abigail Adams. That's going to be fun - if nothing else, the letters she exchanged with Jefferson during his long estrangement from her husband should be worth reading. (John didn't know about it, of course, until after she finally reconciled them.)

:rubs hands:
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So I'm gonna talk about some books I'm reading. I finally got around to reading the downloaded sample I had of Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. I can't remember if somebody had recommended it or if I saw a post about it somewhere. I enjoyed it a lot and the second book was better and the third book was even better. OMG Helen and the platter of bacon... They were a lot of fun. Not super heavy reading, but I liked it a lot.

Seriously, I recommend.

So then I finished the three, and was right back to my perpetual problem of "I've finished what I was reading, now what?" Something new? Reread? Well, this author has other books - so I checked out the first of what seems to be her primary series, Magic Bites. (And when I say "she", yes I know it's actually a husband-wife team, but that pronoun goes with that name, so there.)

I'm a little bit less sure about that book. It does come across as earlier in her writing career. And it didn't make me laugh. But it did start to grow on me. I do feel that it is a heckuva parallel to the Toby Daye books. Loner woman in a world dealing with both magic and tech, working odd jobs for the mercs despite having been raised to work with noble types that she ran away from because she has authority issues. There are some mysteries about her bloodline. Smart alecky and prone to getting hurt a lot. Interacts with the attractive but scary head of the local shapeshifters - yeah, I'm pretty sure Curran is the Tybalt of this series. And Derek is a Quentin/Raj analogue. And I'm watching her start to pull a group of proteges and allies around her, while still insisting she's totally a loner type.

So far, I'm still going "well, maybe I like this series", but I have gone ahead and bought the second book and am well into it. I suspect this is going to be the type of thing where somewhere along the way I go from "well, maybe" to having read a dozen of them and various of the side stories and then I'm signing up to preorder the next one.

269 Cats

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:47 pm
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269 images of cats will be added to the collection if every participant gets two gifts before author/artist reveals. If you would like to contribute cat images then you can email them to me at and include if you would like to be credited in the notes and if so, under what name.

Edit: Honorary Cats (aka all other pets) are welcome as well.

I thought I might share this

Oct. 18th, 2017 09:56 pm
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Since chances of me doing anything more with it at this point are slim.


Oct. 18th, 2017 09:06 am
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Fall, she has fell.

Hot weather - mid-eighties to nineties F - persisted well into this month, but we seem to have turned the corner. Highs for the next while are forecast in the low seventies, with lows dipping into the forties. I haven't turned on the heater, and won't for another couple of weeks at least, but I have begun growing my winter pelt. I don't expect to shave again until early spring.

We all have our seasonal rituals, don't we?
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Hello, sweet swappers! As promised, SWAPS ARE HERE. SWAPS ARE SWAPPENING.

If you are new to swaps, or to Yuletide, and curious about what the heck I'm talking about, our brand-new 2017 FAQ is here! If you are old to swaps, read on!


Questions? Comments? First check out the FAQ, and then, if that doesn’t sort you, feel free to comment either here or there, or email us at yuleswaps at gmail!

<3 K

Autumn Experience (tm) risotto

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:06 am
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I made this last night and it was an Experience.

Dietary and accessibility notes )

What you need and what you do with it )

Makes 3-4 servings
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Hello, beloved swappers! Don’t worry, swaps IS happening, as always! Sign-ups post will go up, ummmm, soon. I meant to kick us off around the beginning of the month, but #life #got overwhelmed by the idea of needing to rewrite this FAQ, tbh. Sorry!

This year! We have moved to Dreamwidth, because Yuletide has moved to Dreamwidth, and because it seems like most of our constituency has done the same. We will probably continue to crosspost to the Yuletide LJ community in some capacity, linking back to DW posts and providing a forum for LJ-only swappers to continue to ask questions and make contact when their yahoo emails inevitably fail. ;)

Tags will remain the same: “omnomnom” for candyswap, “who likes books” for bookswap, and “nice cuppa” for drinkswap (er, just as soon as I'm able to request their creation on DW). As on LJ, we strongly encourage swappers to track tags for the swaps they are interested in.

(Go to your DW Account Settings >> Notifications afterward, to make sure all the tags you wanted definitely took!)

And now…onward!

FAQ! )

But seriously, when are sign-ups going to be open for Yuleswaps 2017?

Soon, I swear. Tonight, I hope, but realistically, might be more like tomorrow or Tuesday. I will get it together. I promise. Swaps will happen.

Happy swapping, swappers!!!!

Kat (and sleeps, in spirit)


Oct. 15th, 2017 07:00 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] filkferengi!

Wash 'n' Wear Out

Oct. 14th, 2017 10:18 am
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Last night, I forgot to check my pants pockets before doing the laundry, and I wound up washing my wallet. Fortunately, the wallet itself seems undamaged, though the Padres logo is now a bit faded, and the cash has dried out satisfactorily. Unfortunately, my voter registration card was also in the wallet, and when I tried to take it out it tore. I'll have to drop by the city clerk's office next week and see about replacing it.

:slaps self for stupidity:


Oct. 13th, 2017 08:56 pm
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When I played Civilization IV, I was often frustrated when one of the competing civilizations (run by the computer) was Isabella of Spain. My usual strategy involved founding as many of the seven religions as possible, and she always interfered with that. She was my nemesis.

Now I play Civilization VI, and I have discovered who my nemesis is in this game: Gorgo of Sparta. She always seems to spurt ahead in science, culture, and tourism, impossibly fast - and I'm playing at the Warlord level, before the other civilizations start to cheat. I guess the only solution is to try to find her and knock her out as quickly as possible, but, dammit, she's the Queen of Sparta!

Just so you know -

Oct. 13th, 2017 05:23 pm
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We have one work in the collection that didn't reveal with the rest. We just tried unrevealing the collection and re-revealing it, so AO3 might send you a second email. Just ignore it!

We're working on solving this issue!

Archive is now OPEN!

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:32 am
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Stories and artworks are now visible here. You should receive an email from AO3 with a link to your gift soon, but you can also find it here:

Author/artist reveals will happen in exactly ONE WEEK, on October 20 at 12 p.m
. PDT. (What time is that where I live?) We will leave the archive open for submissions so if there are additional treats (of any size), that you would like to post, you may do so during this period. 

Please note that works posted for exchanges tend to get buried when archives go live, as a result of earlier posting dates. We advise that you change your publication date so your work doesn't get lost in the fray. To do so, simply click Edit on your post and scroll down to the Associations heading. Check the box next to 'Set a different publication date' and change it to today's date.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns or the gift you have received goes against the challenge rules, please email us at and we will handle it as soon as we can.

Thank you everyone for participating and thank you all for your patience!
 We've had more stumbles than we're used to this year, as the whole mod team has had some life events happen that take priority, so we truly appreciate everyone sticking by us!


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