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So most of my posts have been exchange letters lately, and I haven't shared any of the stuff I've written OR recieved...since, um Yuletide.  Here we go!

For Multi-Fandom Drabble, I got A LOT!

1.Something to Fight For - A Wonder Woman drabble, focusing on Steve's final moments.  Feels warning.

2. Observations - Perry Mason drabble, focused on Della's feminine skills.

3. Great Love, Great Fear - Greek/Roman Myth drabble, Clytemnestra focused.

4. Women's Work - Greek/Roman Myth drabble.  Someone has noticed what Penelope does at night.

5. The Case of Light and Shadow - Perry Mason drabble.  Perry and Della prepare for another case.

6. On a Hollow Ship - Greek/Roman Myth drabble.  Clytemnestra and Penelope interact.

7. The Works of Warfare - Greek/Roman myth double drabble.  This is my actual assigned fic, and it's really lovely.  Contrast of Penelope and Clytemnestra, who aren't really in that different a position...

For Not Prime Time, I got Wanax Kai Basileus (A Lord and A King), a really really really excellent story about Agamemmnon and Odysseus before the walls of Troy.  If you've ever thought that Odysseus should have been in charge of that show, you'll enjoy this.

For Night on Fic Mountain, I got One Got In Chancery, a really good AU story involving another scenario for the events of And Then There Were None.  It's Vera Claythorne-centric.

For All in the Family, I got Sacrifices and Gifts, a Hestia-centric fic that centers on her relationships with Demeter and Persephone.  It's nicely done, and sheds some light on the character who sits in the shadows.

For Jukebox (song-related fics only), I got At the Crossroads, a story based on Red Sovine's "Phantom 309".  Very lovely, and it brings everything full circle.

For Once Upon A Fic, I got Simon Peel's Bride, based on the Lady Lovibond story.  It's lovely and haunting.

For Fandom 5K, I got a fic (despite my defaulting), A Modern Barrayaran for the Vorkosigan Saga fans.  It's very good and pulls in some people we haven't heard from in awhile.

For May The Fourth Be With You exchange, I got Inheritance and Got a lot of fight left in me - both based on my prompt for an AU where Leia meets Kenobi.  They're both really good.

For Chocolate Box - Round 2:

1. Just like Sisters - a Lion Voltron story focused on Allura and Romelle.  Very nice!

2. Second Chances - a TNG story featuring Picard/Beverly Crusher/Jack Crusher.  Obviously AU but very enjoyable, and hot.

For Fandom Stocking 2016:

1. A Quest for Merklynn - Visionaries fic featuring Cryotek/Galadria.  It made me squee.

2. Just Janine - Great BSC piece with Janine introspection.


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Kin I get Yew Some Coffee, ma'am was written for one of my prompts in the Bujold Ficathon 2016.  Laisa-centric.

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I've been remiss about updating lately.

My gifts for Trick or Treat Exchange were very spiffy.

The one most likely to be of interest to people reading here is called History, a Vorkosigan Saga fanfic that has Laisa and Tej having tea and an encounter from the past...

There was also a story for Wreck-It Ralph that was delightfully Halloween-apocalypse called Slouching Towards Niceland.  New games aren't always progress...

My last gift was for Star Wars (Original Trilogy) called visitant.  It deals with Wedge Antilles and the things he sees, this time of year.

I'll post about my works when they are revealed.  I haven't had time to read for recs yet.

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 First time for the Darkest Night exchange (for darker themes, obviously), and I quite enjoyed it.  Especially since I got 2 gifts!

 First was The Things I Didn't Speak, a Cap/Natasha fic in the style of TNG's "Attached".  Very nice!

 Second is Pretty Enemies, a deliciously dark and 80's-style scandalous revenge seduction story for Jem and the Holograms (cartoon).  It definitely has mature themes.

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The gifts for Gen Ex are open, and I have TWO very enjoyable stories.

The first is called Nancy Drew and the Case of the Troublesome Trashcan.  As you might guess from the alliterative title, it's a crossover with Perry Mason.  Nancy leads Della on a bit of an adventure.

The second is called Letters from Quarantine, for the Oxford Time-Travel Universe, featuring Kivrin Engle and Colin Templer.  I loved Domesday Book, but I felt like I needed to see how Kivrin dealt with the aftermath of her Black Death experience.  This addresses it quite nicely.

Reveals are the 24th, so I'll be posting the 2 works then.
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 My gift for YCDTIF 2016 is The Secret of the Smitten Sleuths (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV show).  If you've enjoyed the "will they or won't they" of the relationship in the show, you will enjoy this story.
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 Going to emergency pinch hit seems to have worked out.

 I got an awesome story, called The Wild (Star Trek TOS, Mirror Pike/Mirror Number One).  So I threw this mirror couple on my nominations and request list because I had extra space, and because I love Pike/Number One.  It makes me happy.  I love Number One on her own, but the two of them together are so good.

 And that was a really good choice.  The ISS Enterprise finds itself at a little planet called Talos IV... the inverted events in this are nicely done, and it addresses a hole in the original episode "Mirror, Mirror" - how did Kirk get rid of Pike?  (I believe in the ep it references his murder.)  There's also a nice callout to The Menagerie.  And because this is a ship fest, the new Adam and Eve.  It's over 4400 words of awesomeness!  Go read it.

I also got a treat (I love treats, and I so rarely get them) that may interest more of the crowd that hangs around here.  It's a Vorkosigan Saga work called Till Things Are Brighter, dealing with Ivan/Tej before Aral's funeral.  I love Ivan/Tej and this is so wonderfully them.  The author proposes the link between funerals and fatigues that seems VERY Barrayaran.  It's a tender shippy scene to which I recommend bringing a tissue. I really really like it.

I'll do a recs post once reveals happen, but at a first glance there's a Bucky Barnes/Maria Hill fic that looks promising, and a sensual Mummy fic with Evy/Rick/Ardeth that I don't recommend reading with curious eyes in the room.

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 I got an excellent gift for the Not Prime Time 2016 exchange called Home at Last.  It answers my prompt for Demeter to give Clytemnestra some help, given that Demeter knows how it feels to have your daughter wrenched from you on male whims.  Clytemnestra is still herself, but Demeter shows her some grace, and it has a lovely, if bittersweet, sort of ending.

I'll talk recs and my works after the reveal on Friday.

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The Night on Fic Mountain exchange collection (think Yuletide: The Summer Edition) is LIVE!

And, for the second time this week, I got an excellent gift.  It's based on the play And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, which is usually the version used for movies because the last two people survive.

It's called Two Little Indians, and I love it.  It's got snappy dialogue, steamy fade-to-black (okay, well maybe a little steamier than that, but not explicit) and a pair of people who will live dangerously (and might not be what they seem).

Warning: the fic may give you a slight They Might Be Giants earworm...

I'm super happy fic-wise this week!

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The collection for My Old Fandom opened up this afternoon, and I must tell you about the MOST INCREDIBLE GIFT story I got!

One, it's 8700 words, which isn't bad for a story that went to pinch hit.

Two, it's just incredible.  It's called The Wand of Siora the Wise, for the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.  Here's the prompt: Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon) - In the Hall of Bones episode, there is a female spirit warrior.  Is she married to one of the men?  Is she a warrior queen in her own right?  Do they ever run into her and/or some of her descendants?  Like I said above, I have a serious issue with getting sidetracked onto minor characters.  Bonus points if you work in Eric and Sheila somehow.

I cannot recommend this story strongly enough - if you were ever a fan of the show, READ IT.  The author did a great job of capturing the feel of the show, the dialogue is wonderful, the whole thing is just - squee!  It's that good.

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 I enjoy participating in the Once Upon A Fic exchange, which is myth/legend/fairy-tale based AND all sources must be publically available.  Come play with us next year in the spring!

 My gift this year was for the Phantom Passenger urban legend (my very very favorite urban legend), called Two Hitchhikers on a Stormy Night.  This, of course, has to do with the fact that there are two general variants of the phantom passenger - the girl in the party dress who needs a ride home and the prophetic phantom passenger.  This poor guy picks up both of them...

 I wrote three stories this year.

 My assignment was I'll Teach You No More in Cryptic Riddles, a what-if/fix-it fic for Cassandra that also included themes of female solidarity and screwing the narrative as requested.  Fandom is The Oresteia, not The Iliad.  The title comes from one of Cassandra's speeches.

 I also did a drabble for my recipient, when it didn't quite work out as a story.  It's called Her Choice and features Persephone.

 Then I had a pinch hit, A Shared Fondness for Horses, a Hektor/Andromache piece for The Iliad fandom.  It's lighter than the other 2.

 I need to a recs list, but I also need to read through the rest of the stories... so much reading, so many other things that need to be done!

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 I'm really going to miss this exchange.  I've done it for 3 out of the 5 years, and they've all been fun, both giving and recieving.

 My gift this year is for the Baby-Sitters' Club, and it is Seasons of Love.  It's a sweet-tender-sexy-romantic take on Elizabeth/Watson, and I really enjoyed it.  It's definitely got moments parents can relate to (heyyyy, the kids are going to be gone for another hour...) and it's just lovely.

 There's some other stuff in the collection that looks good, including a fabulous Steve/Natasha fic set during Age of Ultron, but I'll post about that later.  Steadily working through my to-do list.

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 The Romance Novel x16 exchange was revealed on Sunday, so now I can post about my gift and my story.

 My gift is called Take Me Out to the Ball Game, for the Nora Roberts Bride quartet.  It's written by the fabulous empressearwig - so I immediately made happy squeeing noises that were NOT disappointed.  The story does a great job of capturing the feel of the characters and I loved it.

 My story is for Saved by Scandal by Barbara Metzger, a Regency category romance.  (Metzger, for those who haven't tried one of her books, is FUNNY.  There's poking at cliches and clever language, madcap characters and situations, and acknowledgments that while true love may conquer all - sometime it needs a little help from its friends.)  It's called An Unscandalous Ending.

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 Reveals for the Chocolate Box challenge (like the Trick or Treat exchange, but Valentine themed) are tomorrow, so I thought I would share the gift I received.

 It's called Pleasure Cruise, and it's a sweet little P/C piece, set post-Attached.

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 I got two gifts this year, and I love them both.

The Requiem Bell - This combines the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland and the Phantom Passenger Who Wants A Ride Home.  It's creepy and atmospheric and wonderful.  Just go read it!

The Old Haunts - This is a short one with Dr. Crusher, Admiral Nechayev and a proton pack.  I didn't even know I wanted a story with these two until I signed up, and this one has a PERFECT Halloween twist.



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