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1. Sweet and Wicked Ways (Venetia - Heyer) - Venetia gets her orgy.  For mature audiences only.

2. Rose-Leaves (Venetia - Heyer) - Venetia and Damerel's wedding night.  Also for mature audiences.  Verry nice.

3. Accio Insurance (Insurance Commercials) - Insurance commercials meet Hogwarts.  It's hysterically crack-fic.

4. The Broken Hearts Case (Marple) - A nice little afternoon visit with Dolly Bantry and Miss Marple... and a murder, of course.  The Marple voice is beautifully done.

5. How to Win Friends (With Fins) (Jaws) - The shark was just trying to make friends.  Crack-fic.

6. Morning in the Morgue (In Death series) - Canon-divergent, Morris/Peabody.  Short and entertaining.

7. Relocation (Ghostbusters movies) - A nice little story about the Library Ghost in the first movie.

8. Mr. Boddy's Profile (AirBnB) (Cluedo) - A mocked up profile of Boddy Mansion.  It's pretty funny, with some lines.  (Like one guest complaining how sometimes it can take forever to get from room to room.)

9. The Tower Room (Anne of Green Gables) - Anne and Gilbert spend a night together in Windy Poplars.

10. My Dancing Day (Anne of Green Gables) - Who says the manse girls can't sneak in a dance?

11. Home is the Hunter... (Anne of Green Gables) - What do Shirley and Carl get up to after the war?

12. Christmas at Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables) - The first Christmas after the war.

There's some others I want to read, including an X-Wing fic, a 10,000 word Oxford Time Travel Universe one, and 2 long Penric stories.

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So, I had a pretty productive Yuletide writing season with 8 full-length stories.  (I did better on the pinch hit front than last year.)

My original assignment was Only Another Beginning (Jem and the Holograms cartoon) that was left pretty wide open, and went on to be a Jerrica/Rio, Eric-gets-what's-coming-to-him story.  (Unfortunately I don't know if the recipient didn't like it, because no comments - but they haven't responded to the comment on their gift either.)

Next, I did a story for LMB's Chalion novella "Penric's Demon" called Wayward Son, about Penric returning home after university.  I think it captured the feeling of the original.

Then, I did a story for Anne of Green Gables called To Dream of Happiness.  It's Walter/Una fix-it for Rilla of Ingleside.  If you read it, bring the tissues - it has the feels.

The next one was for L.M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle, called The Magic Remains.  Post-canon.  First time writing in this fandom, as I just recently discovered it.

Then I did one for the Masters of the Universe cartoons (He-Man and She-Ra) called Between Two Worlds.  A little introspection, a little action, a little stupid villainy...

Then I did one for Georgette Heyer's Cousin Kate, called The Only Thing That Signifies that's slightly AU (canon-divergent).  First time writing in this canon.

Then I did one for the Clue Board Game (Cluedo) called How You Play The Game, where a player gets a little too into the game.  Bonus point references for 80s/90s kids.

Then another Blue Castle fic called Love at Not-First Sight, which looks at the events of the book from Barney's point of view.

I got 8 stories in for the Yuletide Madness Drabble Invitational as well.

For the Clue Board Game, I did one called Busybody.

For Anne of Green Gables, I did one called Bosom Friends - you never outgrow the need for them.

One for the Blue Castle called Jilted.

I did one for a missed pinch hit for Murder She Wrote called Something Wrong.

I did one for a missed pinch hit for Stackpole's X-Wing series, called Respectable People.  Who does Wedge Antilles call when he needs to get bailed out of jail?

I did a Perry Mason drabble called Reading Materials.

I did a DDC drabble called To Be Good featuring Venger.

To finish off Yuletide, I did a Venetia drabble called Do Things Properly about their wedding night.
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 This year, my Yuletide gift is Twilight Zone fic!  It's based on the episode "The Odyssey of Flight 33" and it is WONDERFUL!

 You can find it here.

 I'm not going to post recs until after reveal, because I have 8 stories lurking in the collection and I don't want to inadvertently out myself.

 But go forth and read!

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 This is the earliest I have ever had a YT story finished.  Now off to work on my pinch hit....

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 Yuletide signups are going on RIGHT NOW (until the 27th)!  Come play with us!

 I have my 2 stories done for the Trick or Treat Ex, but still toying with some ideas for treats.  (One story is required, but the challenge this year is for everyone to get 2 gifts.)

 So this week will be largely devoted to obsessively tracking offers and requests for YT.  I have 4 requests, and am pondering a fifth, but I don't want it as much as the other four.  So I'll dither about it some more.  I have my DYW letter post drafted, but I'm holding off until I make the fifth-fandom decision. As we stand right now, 2 of the 4 already have offers, and there is an offer and request for the fifth fandom I'm thinking of.

I have 5 fandoms I'm offering, and a few more I'm watching.

It's possible to request (but not offer) an all-LMB Yuletide this year, as the Vorkosigan Saga, Chalion (centered on the novella released this year), and the Sharing Knife series.

There's a fair amount of Heyers to choose from, and one could do all Heyer offers/requests - Nonesuch, Venetia, Devil's Cub, Cousin Kate, False Colors, Talisman Ring, and I think Quiet Gentleman.

A lot of the usual suspects are present, except for Nancy Drew - no nominations except in Video Games.

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First off, thank you for agreeing to do this!  I love getting (and giving) stories, and this is my seventh Yuletide.  I hope the assignment doesn't give you TOO many fits.

Warning: I am one of the long letter-writers. 

Optional details are optional, but I tend to be one of the people who always wants MORE information, so I provide plenty for you.  Also, in case this isn't enough, previous letters can be found under the "dear yuletide writer" tag.  Also of interest may be my "recs" tag, and of course on AO3 you can see the stuff I’ve written.

General wants/don't wants: Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark.  Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.  I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!  Holiday-themed is fine if that’s where the story takes you, but not required.  I generally prefer het or gen.  I'd rather not have too-explicit sex for Yuletide, but romance is always in - ESPECIALLY if you're going a holiday route because I love Christmas and mistletoe. The "fade to black" or implied sex is fine, or making out.  I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types.

For the mystery-related prompts, I am a huge fan of "seemingly unrelated group of people trapped somewhere and discover they a) have something in common and b) can't just leave" - see Clue, see And Then There Were None.

The good news is that last year’s author wrote my long-standing “really really really want” story, so this year’s prompts are a little newer.

If you're down for the Misses Clause challenge, all of my prompts/requests should be good for you!

On to the requests!

And Then There Were None (play), The Scoop, Twilight Zone, The Nonesuch )

Good luck!

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 In a moment of possible temporary insanity, I volunteered to do the nominations coordination posts for Yuletide this year.  So make use of that post!



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