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 Football season has started with the Lions 1-0.  This makes me happy.  There were a lot of good games yesterday.

 I also introduced [ profile] desert_sdwndr to the "Football on your Phone" commercial by the Manning boys.  Good times.

 The actual nomination planning post is up in yuletide, so I'm going to read that tomorrow.  No time today because I slept too late (due to not being able to fall asleep, grrr)

 First week of class with assignments turned in, so we will see how the grading went.  A little nervous.  One, since it's Women's Studies, they want APA format and that gives me a headache.  Even using the Purdue OWL site, it's still painful.  Chicago/Turabian may be complicated, but I a) am used to it and b) have citation types saved.  However, definitely enjoying the conversations in class.

 Also: has anyone seen any Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon) icons about anywhere on LJ?  I need one.


Super Bowl

Jan. 24th, 2010 08:24 pm
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 It's party time in New Orleans tonight - Saints are going to the Super Bowl !!

 Happy, but this means the Detroit Lions remain part of a shrinking club - we will be one of only four teams who have not played in a Super Bowl.

 Since I gravitate towards the underdog, you can guess who I'm cheering for...

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 It's nearing halftime in the Army-Navy game, and Army is down 17 points....because Army hasn't scored yet.

 That, however, should not be a huge surprise because we've lost the last six in a row.  That's right, we haven't won since 2001.

 However, I must comment on one factor of the game - fashion.


 1.  The cadets, in their snazzy uniforms, and coats and...ACU caps?  Not even patrol caps (legitimate pieces of uniform wear), but baseball caps?  ACU camo baseball caps?  With a big embroidered A?  Who are we, the Athletics?

 2. The football uniforms: ACU helmet, black jersey with one short sleeve and one long sleeve, ACU camo print numbers, ACU camo print football pants, and black socks.  I like the "duty honor country" on the back, but the rest of the uniform looks HORRIBLE.  What's wrong with black and gold?

 I don't even want to hear the "Army at war" thing that's been rolled out for a few years.  If they want to represent the Army at war, then the cadets should march in ACUs (full battle rattle optional).  Not this mashup BS.

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To the sports talking heads on the playoffs:

Why is everyone talking about Packers vs. Giants? Because that is going to be a GAME, it's going to be exciting, and a lot of us are pretty sure that Chargers vs. Patriots is not going to have a surprising ending.


ETA, 9PM EST: Big shock. The Pats beat the Chargers. Higher score expected, but no shock. Also, the Pack is currently beating the Giants, which doesn't surprise me, but is going to surprise people at work.

Also, when it's negative degrees at kickoff (let's put it this way, it's 31 degrees in Moscow) and people in the stands are wearing bikini tops - you have issues. (Granted, it looks like they might have just taken jackets off, or something, but still....)
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So, the Colts got struck by lightning.  Which pleases [personal profile] stoutfellow.  I can't really complain, it was a pretty good game.  Now to see if SD can pull it off against the Patriots.  I was hoping hard for the Jags, but apparently not.

 And we had a Brett Favre classic "God of Lambeau Field" over the Seahawks, with snow and all.

 And, at this point, it looks like the Pack will be playing the Giants.  In which case, I must say, Go Pack Go!

 If Brett wins the SB, maybe he'll retire?

 Depressing fact of the day, it has been 16 years since the Lions had a playoff WIN.  I was 12.

 Only downside of the Cowboys losing means we'll be listening to more BS about Jessica Simpson next week...

 ETA:  Not looking like it, but for sure.  Poor little Tony threw an interception.  At least he didn't fumble the ball... HA HA HA

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Okay, I have to admit:

They are the Best Damn Band in the Land.

I've never seen the double Ohio, but that was pretty impressive.

However, for the evening, we are temporary members of the Gator Nation.

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They were this close. This close. Comeback drive down the field. And then lose the tieing extra point because the rookie center can't hold the ball right.

I love my Lions, but watching their games is a little ... painful at times.

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Eddie Drummond is out for the rest of the season. Oh well, the Lions only have to win one more game to tie last year's record. And Mariucci has 3 more years of contract left. And the season's not over yet.

To all the people who think I'm cynical about a lot of things, now you know why: All my optimism goes towards the Detroit Lions crawling out of the NFC North basement. :)

I accomplished some more straightening up today, and made a donation at Goodwill. I still have to clear room for the tree, as I can't wait for Brian to get here so we can get the thing together. He'll be here on the 23rd, and well... we plan to be busy with other things.

Still waiting on a reclass date. I loathe retention. Our unit's people are like the Anti-Retention Force. They're saying maybe this week. I'm not holding my breath. The sooner I finish the class, the sooner I can be promoted in the new MOS. The sooner I make E-5, the sooner I can make E-6. And so on....

I have to write counseling statements this week, ick. Actually, I have to write them Monday. Paperwork is evil. :(

However, I did manage to finish the next section of my ongoing story, and turn it over to my beta. That only took three hours. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.

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Okay, they lost. Not a big surprise. I think we would have needed a miracle, akin to the ghosts of Bobby Layne and Barry Sanders showing up and taking the field. (Yeah, I know Barry's not dead, but he's not playing, either.)

Cooked and took the food to work. We demolished most of the veggie platter before dinner, made massive inroads on the dinner (the mashed potatoes lasted 15 minutes top), and still found room for cheesecake.

Watching Jim Rome, even though I know he's just going to raise my blood pressure. Why do the Lions play on Thanksgiving? Cause it's our day and our tradition, and sometimes, miracles happen. So, not be mean, but Rome can just go screw himself.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I'm heading out to Black Friday, but I am going to try and write Friday night. I know where the next chapter of Electra is heading, I just have to get them there.

Doing dishes, checking LJ, and then off to bed.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for my Lions to beat the Colts. Yes, I am an eternal optimist when it comes to football.

Cooking for our little feast at work, and using some of the stuff I got when we got married for the first time (I say "I got" because the husband is not much good on the cooking side of things. Dishwashing, however... ) I had planned on us being together for this holiday. The Army planned differently.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy, low-stress-as-possible holiday!

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First, Michigan lost to Ohio State. But we're still going to be playing in the Rose Bowl, courtesy of Iowa's Hawkeyes. (Thanks for beating Bucky and the crew, Iowa!) However, OSU may be coming to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl.

Then, Detroit Lions go from WINNING the game 17-7 to screwing up. Start with a roar, end with a kittenish mew. Although I was amused by the Minnesota announcer referring to the Lions as the "Motor City Kitties". Oh well. Thanksgiving is coming... and we're playing the Colts? What sadistic SOB in scheduling decided that? Why aren't we playing one of our traditional rivals? And who decided the Cowboys could play the Bears? WTF, over? I'm still hopeful, and still tuning in, but I think it might possibly take an Act of God to prevail on Thursday.

In non-football news, my fic writing is stalled out. My creativity is taking an ADD break, apparently. Cleaning out my hard drive and trying to get the brain to settle down. Did some real house cleaning this afternoon, as part of the pre-PCS consolidation. The living room now looks like a disaster, as it's littered with stuff that needs to be Put Away.

Work calls tomorrow and I don't want to go....

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Watching the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes (at least I hope the trend continues as the game progresses) and doing domestic chores.

Our Army Training was actually fun today. Got muddy, but not too bad, and proved that yes, I actually know stuff that is useful. Granted, a 10 person squad is a little unwieldy, but we managed it. One of our unit's staff sergeants did a really good performance of a shell shock victim. I'll post pics when I get them developed (yes, I still use that FILM thing).

Then I went back and took pictures and performed the usual role of the junior noncommissioned officer known as Corporal - in short, whatever the more senior NCOs need done.

Now I'm home, and continuing to clean out the hard drive, and hoping to get some writing inspiration here.


OOh! Work

Nov. 17th, 2004 10:27 am
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Trying to get the false motivation going here, but it's not working. Especially with the nasty gray weather outside.

We had some fun with tornados and heavy rainstorms last night, including encounter with Annoying Government Civilians ("We don't have to listen to you military peons..." Look buddy, I'm not telling you you can't go outside for kicks, I'm telling you because the base is locked down. ARRGH!)

I'm really hoping that this weather stops being so ugly, because we have to go do Army stuff outside Saturday morning, and this little Corporal really dislikes being wet/cold. Hot is fine, but the other... ick.

Hopefully, I can not be in such a bitchy mood when I go in today, but I'm not making promises.

Then, last night, had one of those "military couple" moments. My husband misplaced his tie for his Class A uniform, and asked me if perhaps, it was hiding out in the same bag as his dress blues. It wasn't, but I got mildly depressed taking his blues out of the bag to check, since the last time I saw him in them, we were having our actual wedding. Sometimes this separation thing really bites.

Random thought : I wonder how many people who were offended by the MNF intro were bothered not just by the "raciness" but by the black football player / white woman factor? Yeah, it was a little surprising when they did it (in light of the whole Janet Jackson at halftime thing), but I can't say I was offended.

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Unfortunately, I spoke too soon about the Lions not sucking. Screw the Cowboys, anyway. Gratified (as a Democrat) to see the boys from Green Bay kick some tail in Washington against the Redskins, and happy for rookie Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. Wonder how far *they'll* get this season.

I watched my taped episode of Boston Legal - pretty good, overall. The opening was great, as were Denny (Shatner) and the scenes with the one judge. I am wondering if they're ever going to *do* anything with Brad (Mark Valley) or if he's just going to be the whipping boy for the rest of the cast. I hope they actually do something, since I rather like the whole clean-cut, straight-laced American guy thing. (Down, Jenn.) The bit with Monica Potter's character doing the murder defense was a good one too, although shades of Columbine.

Unfortunately (looks for sykoamazon, carefully), I haven't done much writing here lately. Too busy with the insanity of work and trying to reenlist while not being screwed over. A possible ray of light... but more on that when we actually find out.

It's Monday, but it's Friday! (The fellow shiftworkers here understand what I'm saying.) Unfortunately, I have to work all 8 hours, as my excuse to get away from work for a few hours developed a gutless streak. Another fun day with the day staff! Yay!

The false optimism thing isn't working, is it?

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Well, first the Lions lost to the Packers, 38-10. So I wasn't in a good mood before I headed off to work.

Where I discovered that the Army induced insanity only gets better and better. We now have mandatory accountability formations and PT before work. Apparently, someone in our company is a child masquerading as an adult, but unable to get the whole "being where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there" thing down. So we all get to jump through hoops.

Remember, there is a right way, a wrong way, and the Army way. :)

In fic news, I put up #19 of Electra and the conclusion to Weekend Leave. I have decided I'm not posting the next one in the BH/CG series until I finish the sucker, to avoid people wanting to lynch me for taking my sweet time. Glad so many people are reading the stuff, just wish more people were commenting on it, besides my ever-fervent beta reader surreal_phantast.

Bitch, bitch, moan, moan. It's going to be one of those weeks, I think.

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For some reason, on my husband's computer, I couldn't stay logged in on LiveJournal, so time to play catch-up.

Saturday : Fly to Atlanta and see husband for first time in, oh, three months. Joyful reunion ensues. Good dinner, huge hotel room.

Sunday : My *first ever* real professional football game, in the Georgia Dome. Finding parking and/or a working ATM was lots of fun. We had excellent seats, courtesy of one of the guys I work with - amidst many diehard Falcons fans. I stood out just a little bit in my Detroit jersey. Our seatmates were quite hospitable, and the Lions won! Pretty sweet, although of course I missed the big interception because I was in the bathroom. After the game, we managed to find a good restaurant and then headed back to Augusta, where husband is actually stationed.

Monday : Day off, sleep in. We explored the entertainment options in Augusta (mainly shopping) and got to watch most of Monday Night Football before going to bed. (Sorry, Jenn, it's got to be rough on you children up there in Frozen Tundra Land. But hey, he can't play *forever*.)

Today, went to a retirement ceremony for a good friend of ours (only fourteen more years to go) and have to go in early so I can slay the dragon in its den... I mean, talk to the reenlisment folks. Yes, I'm so crazy I want to do this Army thing some more. Hopefully with the husband. :)



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