Babylon 5

May. 8th, 2014 07:50 pm
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Sooo looking forward to the rewatch/[ profile] desert_sdwndr's first watch.  Listening to Babylon 5 themes now.  It's a shame that Season 5 has the best theme (with season 4 following very closely) when the season was largely not as good as the other four (the Day of the Dead episode was worth all of it, I think).

We'll be able to get together every weekend, as opposed to once a month or so, which will be fabulous.  It'll almost be like living together.  Yes, we have ridiculously low standards at this point.  Plus, the Mini Vixen should be able to enjoy a little as well.

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Getting ready to get out of here, although there's a lot of stuff not set in stone yet.  I'm going to try and mail my footlocker Saturday, and then I'll have to mail a smaller box when we get closer.

I've been reading a lot (shocker, I know), especially since Amazon has a Big Deal going until the 11th.  There's been some stuff worth reading in there, including several Perry Mason novels.  Now I want to a) rewatch the show and b) need a Nancy Drew/Perry Mason crossover.  Some of the early ones are definitely pulpy but enjoyable.  Loving the sparks between Perry and Della.

Right now, I'm reading an American Western historical by Carla Kelly, who has written several very good Regencies with people in need of redemption.  This book, Her Hesitant Heart, is just as good if you're a Carla Kelly fan - $1.99 in the Big Deal.

Starting to think about Yuletide (I know, it's only May) and what I want to ask for.  I have my assignment for Night on Fic Mountain that makes me happy, and I have my long ND fanfic to finish.  Finally.  I know.

I think I want to branch out and ask for Twilight Zone - specifically, "The Odyssey of Flight 33".  Trying to buy it from iTunes, but no cooperation from internet here.  I had to pack the disc away.

Oh, and a 10 page paper for my final in class.

Thinking about bookplates for the library.

I found and fixed the error in my checkbook, so that's good.

Just a typical Thursday here.  Fridays are late days for everyone else, so good days for me.  Plenty of peace and quiet to get things accomplished.

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Why won't my history reading do itself?  I hate this point in the class, where everyone has lost their will to live - or at least, to write.  She's assigned a lighter book this week (for next week) but just NO desire.  Plus, I need to crank out the paper.

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 A third of the way through.

 The school thing I was supposed to hear about that.  They still haven't sent out notifications.  I HATE "on or about" dates.  What would happen if I wanted to show up "on or about" work call?  Waiting is painful.  There's a lot riding on it.

 Going to repack one of my bags in prep for moving.  They made us bring a ton of stuff we've NEVER used.  Good to be prepared, but I'll be glad when we can throw these bags on a plane.

 Either way - WE ARE UNDER 100 DAYS.  This party is getting to the end.  Need to get all the financial goals met!  The new VixenMobile has been ordered and a partial down payment paid.

 Rolled back through some tags today, and I miss some of the people who used to be on here with us.  FB is not the same.

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Once again, my LJ use has dwindled.

Leave was very nice and not enough, but we're on the downhill slope here.  It makes me happy.

I got [ profile] desert_sdwndr to join our LMB cult... I mean, fandom.  He just finished WA and is enjoying it quite a bit.  I've also been rereading/skimming them.

Going to start a blog project on 21 Mar, but hopefully I'll post again before then.

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Just a lot of hard work, and reading, not much time for writing.

Plus, deployment life is pretty boring.

However, leave starts VERY VERY SOON NOW.

Also, income tax refund hits in four days, which is pretty happy making - especially since pay earned in a combat zone is not taxed...

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 I haven't done a big post in a while, and it's not happening tonight.  I have a bunch of reading to do for my final paper in this class, and I can't get through to JSTOR at work for some reason.

 I also have writing to finish up, and am reading some Anita Blake for snark and humor purposes.  It's like a train wreck.

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I haven't been posting much in the last little bit, busy enjoying stuff offline.

Still working through the Ellery Queen, a little over halfway through the set.  It may make it onto my Yuletide list - the interplay between regular characters is great, especially Richard and Ellery Queen.

Working on Yuletide and intoabar entries.

I am pondering whether or not to take a college class next semester.  On one hand, that would let me get back on track with class.  On the other, the job here may get more time consuming, and taking a class would mean having to do work while on leave (early in the class rather than late).  There's a class on Russian Empire that looks like fun.  Yes, I said "Russian Empire" and "fun" in the same sentence.

 I am crafting a post this evening about Christmas, for those who are interested.  I'll try to throw it up tomorrow or Sunday.

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 So [ profile] desert_sdwndr has arrived.  Yes, I am typing this with a big smile on my face.  It throws my schedule off some, but it was nice to have about four hours today to spend together.

 I got my assignment for [ profile] intoabar, not sure I'm super happy with it because I barely recall the character, so I foresee some research and possible Kindle downloading.

 Finished up No Wind of Blame, and it will not be staying on the Kindle - into a reread of Behold, Here's Poison, which IMO has a much more entertaining cast.  They're a thoroughly dislikable group.  I may have to go on and reread Envious Casca next...  I am also having an idea which would be better addressed in a longer post, which I am working on.

 I'm also (slowly) downloading the whole 13 episode run of Visionaries to the computer.  The best solution here seems to be to start a download before I go to sleep.  I'm also going to try my hand at screencaps for some icons.  There's definitely some tropes in it I enjoy.

 Unfortunately I also have to polish off a piece of homework and try to finish reading the stupid book for class.



Nov. 2nd, 2013 10:26 am
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It's a new month.  It's also All Saints' Day.  I'm a pretty lapsed Catholic, but it's still a day that I like.

3 months and 1 week into our fabulous trip to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, I missed [ profile] desert_sdwndr's notification that he was available for chat, which made me sad because now he is not available.  Unfortunately Yahoo Mail seems to run quite slow and uncooperative in my room.

I finished my read of The Nonesuch, one of my very favorite Heyers (and one of my Yuletide requests is for Tiffany to get a smackdown, possibly from Lady Lindeth).  I hadn't made highlights last time, so now all the good parts are marked.  I've moved on to rereading No Wind of Blame, to decide whether or not it stays on the Kindle.  So far, I am thinking not.

I've made some progress on plotting my Yuletide story, and am going to start writing this weekend.

I'd also like to write a long rambly post about Visionaries and how it's on my next Yuletide list, but likely not right now.

MV had a good time on her Halloween... and apparently my stepfather's habit of quality checking our candy has NOT changed.  I remember having to sit down at the dining room table and let our parents do a check to make sure none of the candy looked suspicious.  Then, we would divide our candy by type so we could trade for what we liked best.  Good times.

Enjoying the third disc of Ellery Queen, although not going overboard with too many episodes in one night.  After this it's music time, since my normal music time (in the car) does not exist.

 I also re-realized last night that I really do need to go back and retag a lot of the old entries because there are only 108 uses of the "mv" tag and I talk about her a lot more than that.

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 Slow getting moving today, so no Ellery Queen episode (since they're from a time period where 15-20 minutes of an hour long show were not taken up with commercials).

 It's getting close to Halloween, not that it means much here.  However, the MV is excited for it and I'm planning to call her when she gets home from trick or treat.  Pretty sure my stepfather is excited to have a small person to take out on Halloween as well.

 The MV got a good report card and her parent/teacher conference went well... still need to work on blurting things out when it's not her turn.  However, it does not sound like we're having the same issues as last year.

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It's almost the end of October.

We're officially over 3 months here.

Not much else going on, reading a really boring book for class and postponing doing homework.

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The signups for [ profile] intoabar end Sunday night.  It's a pretty low-stress ficathon, with the only real issue being what character you get paired up with from one of your fandoms.  Minimum is 500 words, so very doable.

Started watching Visionaries last night on YouTube, since this seems to be the last of the 80s stuff I enjoy that has not been released.  We have Youtube access on the nightshift, which is nice.

The people I've been helping study for the board did well on the mock board, so they'll be going to the big promotion board on Tuesday.  We have one person out of this month's crop who did badly, so maybe now he will listen.  While he's a smart (very smart, probably too smart for the Army) guy, he has a tendency to come across as slightly supercilious/condescending and that's bad when you're only an E-4.  He's also older than the average E-4 and I don't think that helps.  However, what sunk him on the board was the fact that once he makes a mistake, he crumbles because he can't just roll past it.  That is fatal on the board.

And, can't remember if I mentioned it, but my board for consideration for promotion to E-8 (which would be a very big step and likely my last promotion) has been pushed back to December 3 due to the shutdown after-effects, rather than meeting in November.  This means that I likely will not know the results before February, when I am either coming home on leave or coming home to stay.  Also, this means I will be waiting on the results of my application to the National Intelligence University (they come out on April 1) and my board results during the same time.  March could be a snappy month.

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It's Friday, which means lazy day.  I am trying to read and just enjoy myself.

I got signed up for the [ profile] intoabar ficathon round, signup below the cut.  I'm planning to have fun, and did a better job of picking compatible fandoms than last time.
My fandoms walk into a bar... )
Reading through stuff, trying to get solid inspiration on Yuletide.  Going to hopefully chat with Paul in a bit and then watch some Ellery Queen before I have to go to the unhappy place.

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Almost forgot to post.

Mostly reading and trying on plots for my Yuletide assignment.  I think most years I have started and discarded 3 tries on the actual story I was assigned - I generally do better on the pinch hits with writing them in one shot.

Work is work.  No change.



Oct. 22nd, 2013 09:07 am
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 It's Monday.  I'm trying to figure out some way to beat this hibernation instinct I seem to be developing because it keeps me from getting to the gym, which I really can't afford.

 Having a few other issues, work and not-work, and hoping that they will stop being issues.

 Thinking on how to best fulfill my Yuletide assignment, and finalizing my signup for the [ profile] intoabar go round.  I'm either going all 80s cartoons or all teen detectives.

 I watched the Ellery Queen pilot last night (yes, I am routinely 40 years behind TV) and am going to start working through the box set.  So far I am enjoying it.



Oct. 21st, 2013 09:29 am
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 Lazing around.  I seem to be done stalking DYW letters, and have identified a few that I like.

 Trying to get back on a regular routine, although it seems it keeps getting derailed by small stuff.

 Also trying to tidy up my part of the room.

 I should be working on homework.

 May be going to watch football later - waiting for a confirmation that the Lions are actually on the TV before I head over there.



Oct. 19th, 2013 11:31 am
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 Fridays make me happy, especially with the stupidity at work.

 Ordered the MV's Halloween costume - she is going as Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High.

 I finished my comfort read of Murder on the Orient Express (one of my favorite Christies) and am now having a "why didn't I ask for fic about THIS?" moment.  Watching (or rather, listening) to the movie now.  There are differences in source material, but they both work wonderfully.

 ETA: I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a slight fault in the Kindle version of Murder on the Orient Express.  It is missing at least one sentence from the scene where Poirot is interviewing Greta Ohlsson and asks about her roommate (Mary Debenham)'s dressing gown.

 I need to polish off my NYR tonight so it can get uploaded tomorrow.  Then maybe I should knock out some of the homework.  Now getting off the Internet to finish watching the movie and read a little.


Day 17

Oct. 18th, 2013 08:58 am
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Still stalking letters.

I see we got a last-minute save on the debt ceiling - but I think at this point, we lock them in the chambers on Monday morning and they stay in until they get a real solution.  Still, happy to know that we'll be getting paid on the first of November.


Day 14

Oct. 15th, 2013 09:23 am
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 My Dear Yuletide Writer letter is updated, but I need to post it.

 Lions won yesterday, but they were not the game on at MWR.

 Homework is still not done.

 Can't load more than one page at a time, so no FB chat with [ profile] desert_sdwndr before work.  Sadness.

 It's also time for [ profile] intoabar signups, until the 27th of the month.


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