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I've been remiss about updating lately.

My gifts for Trick or Treat Exchange were very spiffy.

The one most likely to be of interest to people reading here is called History, a Vorkosigan Saga fanfic that has Laisa and Tej having tea and an encounter from the past...

There was also a story for Wreck-It Ralph that was delightfully Halloween-apocalypse called Slouching Towards Niceland.  New games aren't always progress...

My last gift was for Star Wars (Original Trilogy) called visitant.  It deals with Wedge Antilles and the things he sees, this time of year.

I'll post about my works when they are revealed.  I haven't had time to read for recs yet.

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Let's try this again.

This will be my third time Trick-or-Treat-Exing, and I really enjoy it!  I've recieved awesome gifts the first 2 years, and I know this year won't be any differen!

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Trick or Treat Exchange works have been revealed.  (Trick or Treat Exchange minimum is 300 words.)

I wrote four stories.

Three of them were for my assigned recipient, and belong to the Star Trek: Original Series (Movies) fandom.

His Son is a short AU featuring David Marcus joining Starfleet.

Decisions is a short AU featuring David Marcus that fits into ST III.

Her New Present is a short piece featuring Gillian Taylor from ST IV.

Then I did one piece for my recipient for last year.  They requested the alligators-in-the-sewer urban legend, and said they were good with crossovers, which instantly led me down a path featuring some other sewer-dwelling reptiles in NYC (and a rodent)... and they loved it!

It is Something Down There, featuring the alligators in the sewer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1980s cartoon version).  It is also my 100th piece published on AO3.

I plan to do recs from the collection this week.

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 I got two gifts this year, and I love them both.

The Requiem Bell - This combines the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland and the Phantom Passenger Who Wants A Ride Home.  It's creepy and atmospheric and wonderful.  Just go read it!

The Old Haunts - This is a short one with Dr. Crusher, Admiral Nechayev and a proton pack.  I didn't even know I wanted a story with these two until I signed up, and this one has a PERFECT Halloween twist.

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Dear Trick or Treat writer,

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 I have my popcorn for the annual "convoluted comic rules and comic fans getting annoyed" discussion in the Yuletide comm.  It's nice to see someone with a more involved fandom that most of mine and just watching the show.  I'm not going to offer or request any, so I have no stake.

 Looking forward to spending Christmas in my own space, which means Yuletide writing up to the last moment...

 Gearing up for the Trick or Treat Exchange happening HERE.  There's a TON of varied fandoms to offer and request, and the word limit is very low at 300 words, so if you need a warm-up, this is a great opportunity!



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