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It's been awhile.  I can only pleas work and class and wedding.

Looking Back, Looking Forward is my story for You Can Do That In Fanfic.  It's Pizzazz from Jem, 20 years later.

Freedom is a drabble I did for a challenge elsewhere, based on A Little Princess.  The Bastille is no more...

For GenEx, I did one called Mirror Images, featuring a meeting between Spock and Mirror Spock.  I also did a pinch hit for Miss Marple called Advice from Aunt Jane featuring Jane Marple, Jane Helier and Dolly Bantry.

For Darkest Night, I wrote In His Shadow, dealing with Thomas Riker and his post-rescue life.  (NOT the one the show gave him, because that sucked.)

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 Going to emergency pinch hit seems to have worked out.

 I got an awesome story, called The Wild (Star Trek TOS, Mirror Pike/Mirror Number One).  So I threw this mirror couple on my nominations and request list because I had extra space, and because I love Pike/Number One.  It makes me happy.  I love Number One on her own, but the two of them together are so good.

 And that was a really good choice.  The ISS Enterprise finds itself at a little planet called Talos IV... the inverted events in this are nicely done, and it addresses a hole in the original episode "Mirror, Mirror" - how did Kirk get rid of Pike?  (I believe in the ep it references his murder.)  There's also a nice callout to The Menagerie.  And because this is a ship fest, the new Adam and Eve.  It's over 4400 words of awesomeness!  Go read it.

I also got a treat (I love treats, and I so rarely get them) that may interest more of the crowd that hangs around here.  It's a Vorkosigan Saga work called Till Things Are Brighter, dealing with Ivan/Tej before Aral's funeral.  I love Ivan/Tej and this is so wonderfully them.  The author proposes the link between funerals and fatigues that seems VERY Barrayaran.  It's a tender shippy scene to which I recommend bringing a tissue. I really really like it.

I'll do a recs post once reveals happen, but at a first glance there's a Bucky Barnes/Maria Hill fic that looks promising, and a sensual Mummy fic with Evy/Rick/Ardeth that I don't recommend reading with curious eyes in the room.


GIP #1

Apr. 24th, 2008 09:00 pm
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 Courtesy of [personal profile] gi_janearng, I found this wonderful site of motivational poster parodies featuring Star Trek TOS:

It features gems such as this:

There's also a page of icons:

This icon courtesy of Echo!

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The new New Frontier book, out in hardcover. There has been some discussion on other boards that didn't look favorably on the book. I, on the other hand, really really liked it.

This was excellent. It was good, fast-paced PAD, although some of the plot twists did not surprise me all that much. I am quite surprised/disappointed by Soleta's plot, and am now overcome with fanfic ideas. The 3 year gap is a bit extreme, but at the same time, it gives plenty of room for working in.



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