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I missed a day due to transit.  We are in Kuwait, but don't spread it around until you see a post on FB that I am home, please!

Day 27 – The most surprising plot twist or ending

2010 Answer: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

As I've said, I don't usually keep track of which plot twist is the most shocking ever.

This year, I'll go with Georgette Heyer's mystery The Unfinished Clue, since I picked up a copy of it someone sent over here to keep me company while in an area I couldn't have my Kindle in, then read it on the Kindle because I realized I had never highlighted it.  It has some memorable lines, but it gets today's answer because Heyer cleverly feeds you a red herring, and then totally redirects onto another character.

The Unfinished Clue features the classic person with too many enemies, so no one is really all that surprised that someone finally did the honors.  The murder victim (unusual for a period mystery that there is ONLY one murder victim) has a wife who abandoned him and their son years before the book opens - maybe 15?  There's a female character who Heyer leads us (well, me) to believe she could be the victim's wife.  The wife is indeed, in the area, but it's definitely not the woman you think it will be.

Much enjoyed.


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80s Moment

May. 16th, 2014 07:33 pm
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So, nothing says entertainment like being at work on a Friday afternoon, watching some Voltron on YouTube because you need some background, and ... turning around to find your five-years-older boss watching like a little kid, waiting for Voltron to whip out the Blazing Sword.  (yes, [ profile] desert_sdwndr, the Oak Leaf Show)

I love being MI.

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Day 11 – A book you hated
2010 Answer: Oliver Twist

So, this year's answer is brought to you by the Fourth Infantry Division's deployment reading list.

1. The Punishment of Virtue by Sarah Chayes.  This one came HIGHLY recommended by a ton of higher-ups in our unit, and I hated it.  Hated it with a burning passion.  So, it's written by this former NPR journalist who goes to cover the initial AFG effort, and then ended up going back and getting involved in things.  Too much navel-gazing, and too much complaining about how corrupt people in Afghanistan are while she worked for members of the Karzai family.  (Pot and kettle much?)  Also, too much talking about how different she was.  There was only one other officer who agreed with me on how bad it was, and he used to be an enlisted man.  And yes, when I'm saying you're too liberal for my tastes, that says something.

2. In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate by Saima Wahab.  Another "highly recommended" title, in this case recommended by the Commanding General of the Third Infantry Division (that should have been a sign).  More navel gazing, more "I am the only person in my situation" (I am noticing this a lot in books written by women about dealing with AFG), more getting on my nerves.  Especially the part where she was a translator who got involved with the officer she worked for, and made everything a big drama, and then didn't understand why people didn't like her.  Spare me, please.

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Getting ready to get out of here, although there's a lot of stuff not set in stone yet.  I'm going to try and mail my footlocker Saturday, and then I'll have to mail a smaller box when we get closer.

I've been reading a lot (shocker, I know), especially since Amazon has a Big Deal going until the 11th.  There's been some stuff worth reading in there, including several Perry Mason novels.  Now I want to a) rewatch the show and b) need a Nancy Drew/Perry Mason crossover.  Some of the early ones are definitely pulpy but enjoyable.  Loving the sparks between Perry and Della.

Right now, I'm reading an American Western historical by Carla Kelly, who has written several very good Regencies with people in need of redemption.  This book, Her Hesitant Heart, is just as good if you're a Carla Kelly fan - $1.99 in the Big Deal.

Starting to think about Yuletide (I know, it's only May) and what I want to ask for.  I have my assignment for Night on Fic Mountain that makes me happy, and I have my long ND fanfic to finish.  Finally.  I know.

I think I want to branch out and ask for Twilight Zone - specifically, "The Odyssey of Flight 33".  Trying to buy it from iTunes, but no cooperation from internet here.  I had to pack the disc away.

Oh, and a 10 page paper for my final in class.

Thinking about bookplates for the library.

I found and fixed the error in my checkbook, so that's good.

Just a typical Thursday here.  Fridays are late days for everyone else, so good days for me.  Plenty of peace and quiet to get things accomplished.

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So, for those who are not on FB with me, I got accepted to NIU (National Intelligence University).  This is a pretty big deal.

For one, it means I do not have 60-some days left in AFG.  I have 30-some days.  I feel a little bad about running out early, but everyone here would make the same choice if they had the chance.  I'll be in CO to welcome everyone home, and that works too.

Tomorrow, I go into planning mode.

Also, tomorrow, [ profile] desert_sdwndr and I will embark on our first joint blogging venture, as well a kickstarter to get him posting more often.  We're going to do the 30 days of books meme that I did back in 2010.  It will be interesting to see what has changed for me, and to see what his answers turn out to be.

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Being deployed on your birthday is no fun.

I had intended to post something else tonight, but I got roped into stupidity, so forgot the treat I had promised myself, and I'm not really in the mood to write anything useful.  Thanks to stupidity, I did not get the nap I wanted, and I'm not getting my reading for class done either.

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Got some minor chores accomplished, got about 20 pages into reading for next week in class.  Only 100 more to go.  It's not the reading, it's the notetaking that slows me down.

I got a bit of a nap, but not as much as I wanted.

Off to be now,
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More of the paper done.  I just need to write the section on evolution of whiteness, revamp the beginning and throw together an ending.

Stopping for now because I can do that at work tomorrow during the morning dead period, and I also need to read this book on the Ludlow Massacre for next week's class.  Yay.

I have a gift story for the Rare Ship Swap, waiting impatiently to see what it is!

Off to read.

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All settled into my new lair.  Getting organized in a different space took some doing, but now we are all good.

Relaxing and reading now, hoping that tomorrow I will go in and there will be NEWS about school.

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 A third of the way through.

 The school thing I was supposed to hear about that.  They still haven't sent out notifications.  I HATE "on or about" dates.  What would happen if I wanted to show up "on or about" work call?  Waiting is painful.  There's a lot riding on it.

 Going to repack one of my bags in prep for moving.  They made us bring a ton of stuff we've NEVER used.  Good to be prepared, but I'll be glad when we can throw these bags on a plane.

 Either way - WE ARE UNDER 100 DAYS.  This party is getting to the end.  Need to get all the financial goals met!  The new VixenMobile has been ordered and a partial down payment paid.

 Rolled back through some tags today, and I miss some of the people who used to be on here with us.  FB is not the same.

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Once again, my LJ use has dwindled.

Leave was very nice and not enough, but we're on the downhill slope here.  It makes me happy.

I got [ profile] desert_sdwndr to join our LMB cult... I mean, fandom.  He just finished WA and is enjoying it quite a bit.  I've also been rereading/skimming them.

Going to start a blog project on 21 Mar, but hopefully I'll post again before then.

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Just a lot of hard work, and reading, not much time for writing.

Plus, deployment life is pretty boring.

However, leave starts VERY VERY SOON NOW.

Also, income tax refund hits in four days, which is pretty happy making - especially since pay earned in a combat zone is not taxed...

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 People have gone home, including my roommate and one of my supervisors.  Hello, drawdown!

 It's kind of happy/sad - happy that people are going home, happy that we get to stay here and keep earning the extra money (the combat pays are nice, but the no-tax thing is really nice), but yes, a little sad that we aren't going home.

 However, my roommate left me her mattress pad, and after almost 6 months of sleeping on the sorry excuse for a mattress they gave us, it is blissful.  Which is why once I was in bed, I stayed in bed for 8 hours.

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 So, not too much going on here.

 In 25 days, I get to go on leave.  This makes me happy.  I need a break from this place.

 Class will be starting again in 11 days, and I'm hoping my book order gets here before that.  I'm impressed that the teacher (one I've had before) actually has week one's readings up already.

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It is Christmas by 20 minutes here in Afghanistan.  I still have about an hour and a half of free time, but I think I am drabbled out.  I definitely see some things that are going in the NYR prompt list, and I might be able to write one or two more things for Yuletide Madness.  I have 3 stories in the main collection, so back on my Yuletide groove.

We're up to 2364 works in 1527 fandoms for the main collection.  I forget how many participants we have this year.

Yuletide Madness is up to 328 works in 367 fandoms (up 149 and 141, respectively, from yesterday).  Seven of those are by me.

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So, actually getting some time off!  Best Christmas gift this year, really.  I got to sleep for seven hours and still have time to DO stuff.

Like write for Yuletide Madness...

We're up to 2281 works in 1511 fandoms (up 1043 and 465, respectively, from yesterday).  Three of those are by me, and one is my gift!  I was able to get another pinch hit, for a grand total of 2, and they're all complete.  One is for a fandom I haven't written before, which always makes me happy.

There are 322 pinch hits at last count (although several requests have been defaulted more than once) - there was one more that I could have easily done, but it came out while I was in the shower.  A lot of what's been on the list this year seems to either be current TV, anime, or books I haven't read.  So instead I'm going to try my hand at increasing the Yuletide Madness Drabble Initiative footprint.  Or maybe something else... we will see.

 Yuletide Madness is up to 306 works in 348 fandoms (up 149 and 141, respectively, from yesterday).  One of those is by me.

 Listening to Christmas music now and enjoying Christmas Eve.

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 There's not much going on.  Trying to finish up my Yuletide story and hopefully score a pinch hit.

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 I haven't done a big post in a while, and it's not happening tonight.  I have a bunch of reading to do for my final paper in this class, and I can't get through to JSTOR at work for some reason.

 I also have writing to finish up, and am reading some Anita Blake for snark and humor purposes.  It's like a train wreck.

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 So, Christmas.  The last time I was hanging out in an unpleasant place, a number of you sent me stuff for Christmas that helped a lot with the loneliness of being away from home and family.

 I am away from home and family again (although [ profile] desert_sdwndr will be here unless the Army decides not) but this time is a little different.  For one, I have less time to read or enjoy myself than I did on the last one.  The other is that I'm trying to limit the amount of stuff that I'm going to either have to carry or pay to ship home, especially since they're being picky-picky about what can go in our duffel bags.

 So, I have made a Deployment Wish List.  It has 37 items on it, and many of them are Kindle items.  More books don't make the Kindle heavier.  That being said, whatever format a book is listed as on the wish list, that is the preferred format.  I have a method to the madness.

 I'm not opposed to small snacky stuff, but I am trying to lose some weight and work out a little more, so not too much.

 Homemade cards and such, I love.

 The other thing that would be awesome for Christmas is fanfic.  I'm part of Yuletide, so you can check out my yuletide tags to see what I like.  There is also the fandom stocking tag.  I'll post a better list of fandom stuff tomorrow hopefully.

 I can only read my Kindle while not at work, but I take a book with me.  I am currently on Robert Kaplan's Revenge of Geography, and then after that it's going to be my chance to visit with our good friends in the NYPSD.
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I haven't been posting much in the last little bit, busy enjoying stuff offline.

Still working through the Ellery Queen, a little over halfway through the set.  It may make it onto my Yuletide list - the interplay between regular characters is great, especially Richard and Ellery Queen.

Working on Yuletide and intoabar entries.

I am pondering whether or not to take a college class next semester.  On one hand, that would let me get back on track with class.  On the other, the job here may get more time consuming, and taking a class would mean having to do work while on leave (early in the class rather than late).  There's a class on Russian Empire that looks like fun.  Yes, I said "Russian Empire" and "fun" in the same sentence.

 I am crafting a post this evening about Christmas, for those who are interested.  I'll try to throw it up tomorrow or Sunday.



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