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My latest pieces:

My assignment for ToT ended up being a pair of Walter-centric fics for Anne of Green Gables. Let The Piper Play is a missing-scene, last night at Courcelette fic.  To Follow the Piper is a fix-it fic.

My pinch hit was a pair of Vorkosigan Saga fics.  Cleaning House deals with Simon Illyan, tidying up.  Penance is a Simon-centric story.

Then I did some extras:

One Last Job is a Poirot piece set after Curtain.

Never Leave It Behind is a Dungeons and Dragons cartoon drabble.

Once Upon A Time on Arus is a Voltron DOTU piece.


80s Moment

May. 16th, 2014 07:33 pm
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So, nothing says entertainment like being at work on a Friday afternoon, watching some Voltron on YouTube because you need some background, and ... turning around to find your five-years-older boss watching like a little kid, waiting for Voltron to whip out the Blazing Sword.  (yes, [ profile] desert_sdwndr, the Oak Leaf Show)

I love being MI.

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 So, I ordered Volume 1 of Beast-King GoLion, which for those who aren't massive 1980s cartoon fans is the Japanese anime series that Voltron (the Lion Force edition) was based on/created from.

 When I was a kid and Voltron came on, I didn't know it was anime.  I didn't know it was actually a style.  I liked it.  Still do, obviously, although even then I think I knew there were some massive plot holes.  But it didn't matter, because that was where OUR stories went.  My brothers and I must have played Voltron at least as much as we played GI Joe.  Back in the 80s, you could only get like 2 Voltron episodes per VHS tape, except for the 5 episode opening arc.  When they started bringing out Voltron DVDs, I was very excited.  And they look fabulous, which considering that they had to pretty much remake the masters, is pretty impressive.  

Cut for people not interested in giant lion robots... )

Verdict: Not a waste of time, but not making me a convert to the school of anime.

DV (And no, this isn't a product of me procrastinating on Double Jeopardy edits!)


Jan. 7th, 2008 10:03 pm
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 Can you tell I have more time without the MV here or what?

 So anyway, I got through all of the fourth set of the Voltron DVDs today while I was having a kitchen cleaning frenzy.  A few observations:

 1) Am I the only one who wants to drop-kick Prince Bandor?  I know he's a kid, but he's very annoying.

 2) I still love Lance.  Because he's the team smart-ass.  This should not be news to anyone.

 3) Every now and then, Bandor is actually useful.

 4) Apparently I need to finish watching the third set, because I missed a big chunk of plot.

 DV (yes, yes, child of the 80s, I know...)


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