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 This semester's contribution towards my MA in History was The Atlantic World.  Plenty of reading for it.  Only the books in bold are the ones that remain on my shelf.

Dead Tree 93-107 )

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Day 26 – A book that changed your opinion about something
2010 Answer: How The Pro-Choice Movement Saved America

So, I don't really do a lot of non-fiction reading to change my opinions.  I do it for a) class or b) to learn more about a subject I'm interested in.

This year, however, I have to go with the reading for my Gender and Women's Studies class, which convinced me I didn't want to screw around with the cert in GWS.  Just not as much my thing as I thought it would be.  Too much navel-gazing, and hopefully I can get something for the books on Amazon.


The Rest of the Meme )
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More of the paper done.  I just need to write the section on evolution of whiteness, revamp the beginning and throw together an ending.

Stopping for now because I can do that at work tomorrow during the morning dead period, and I also need to read this book on the Ludlow Massacre for next week's class.  Yay.

I have a gift story for the Rare Ship Swap, waiting impatiently to see what it is!

Off to read.

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So, extra reading not happening tonight.  I am doing responses for class, though, so still doing some useful work...  Discussion questions are not very good this week, IMO.  Also need to start working on the paper (7-9 pages on race relations and racial concept developments)

And I'm going to finish reading the romance on my Kindle, written by a HS classmate of mine.  They're pretty good, although I'm not in general a contemporary romance fan.


Day 13

Oct. 14th, 2013 10:36 am
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My Yuletide signup is done - although I am a little concerned that I did not get an email from AO3.  The deadline is on the evening of the 14th, so I'll have time to double check.  I'm pondering adding one more request, but not sure - the four I have in are pretty solid.

My DYW letter just has a placeholder.  I plan to work on it tonight.

I also got my snark of the free LKH story "Shutdown" up here.

The homework is due on Wednesday, not Sunday, so I have more time to play with it.

Going to hopefully watch football at the MWR in a little bit.

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 Stupid oversight.  The last few days have featured sleeping about as late as I can manage, probably due to lingering after-effect of the flu shot.

 Also could be blamed on the fact that I was reading posts in the post about fixing errors in nominations later than I should have been.

 However, I plan to post twice today, so that will make up for it.

 There is football today, but since AFN is affected by the shutdown, we won't be seeing it.  Complaining about it feels really petty, so I'll leave it at that.  Right now, more worried about the whole debt ceiling thing because while the "Pay Our Military Act" affected shutdown-related loss of pay, the debt ceiling screws us again.  At least that's the message I'm getting from what we're seeing.

 Oh, and I'm also procrastinating on homework.


Day 2

Oct. 3rd, 2013 09:17 am
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 Not letting events conspire to make me fall off the blogging wagon on Day 2.

 Flu shot and work issues are not fun making.

 The tagset is still closed.

 From [ profile] yuletide_admin:
On a general status note, we have 3424 fandoms in the tag set and 14,544 characters at the moment. We're down to 229 nominations to review, mostly small fandoms and fandoms on the border of eligibility, with a handful of fast growing fandoms that we're holding off on making decisions on.

 I have a review of reading that I don't want to write for school.

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 Football season has started with the Lions 1-0.  This makes me happy.  There were a lot of good games yesterday.

 I also introduced [ profile] desert_sdwndr to the "Football on your Phone" commercial by the Manning boys.  Good times.

 The actual nomination planning post is up in yuletide, so I'm going to read that tomorrow.  No time today because I slept too late (due to not being able to fall asleep, grrr)

 First week of class with assignments turned in, so we will see how the grading went.  A little nervous.  One, since it's Women's Studies, they want APA format and that gives me a headache.  Even using the Purdue OWL site, it's still painful.  Chicago/Turabian may be complicated, but I a) am used to it and b) have citation types saved.  However, definitely enjoying the conversations in class.

 Also: has anyone seen any Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon) icons about anywhere on LJ?  I need one.

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 It's Friday!

 This meant that after I did errands, and read a little bit, I got to sleep for a whole seven hours before dragging my lazy carcass out of bed and going for a run with my roommate.

 There is something in my right upper thigh that is pulling now, so the rest of the night should be fun.  But we ran, which is good.

 Errands involved getting initial money put in the Savings Deposit Program, a nifty little deal for deployed people that lets earn 10% interest a year on up to $10K.  And the money can stay in for 90 days after you return, so if you cram the cash in quickly, you can actually get the whole deal.  I also had to visit our post office and mail some paperwork.  Of course, all this involves roaming the base on foot, so I was pretty happy to come home and go to sleep.

 Other things that are good: YULETIDE IS COMING!  Nominations will open 16 September.  Looking at the rules from the new mods (elynross is not doing it this year, sadness) I think the things I like to request will all be good.  Nancy Drew is edging close to the line on the AO3 limit, but should be good this year. So maybe this will be the year I get lucky and get the Nancy Drew story I ask for.

There are some changes in the whole nomination process, and it looks like the number of nominations we can put in may not be 3 - they were looking at 4, but are trying to avoid the list getting to be huge, which I can understand.  That means it's time to spend some time reading my "things I've asked for in the past" list as well as the post on Yuletide where people are talking up fandoms and going through that whole thing.  It has 760 comments now, however, so it will not happen before I go to work this evening.  Which, sadly, is in about 30 minutes.

School is back in session - not sure how much I am going to enjoy it after some of the reading we are doing, but I think it's good to stretch my horizons.



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