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May. 16th, 2014 07:33 pm
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So, nothing says entertainment like being at work on a Friday afternoon, watching some Voltron on YouTube because you need some background, and ... turning around to find your five-years-older boss watching like a little kid, waiting for Voltron to whip out the Blazing Sword.  (yes, [livejournal.com profile] desert_sdwndr, the Oak Leaf Show)

I love being MI.

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The signups for [livejournal.com profile] intoabar end Sunday night.  It's a pretty low-stress ficathon, with the only real issue being what character you get paired up with from one of your fandoms.  Minimum is 500 words, so very doable.

Started watching Visionaries last night on YouTube, since this seems to be the last of the 80s stuff I enjoy that has not been released.  We have Youtube access on the nightshift, which is nice.

The people I've been helping study for the board did well on the mock board, so they'll be going to the big promotion board on Tuesday.  We have one person out of this month's crop who did badly, so maybe now he will listen.  While he's a smart (very smart, probably too smart for the Army) guy, he has a tendency to come across as slightly supercilious/condescending and that's bad when you're only an E-4.  He's also older than the average E-4 and I don't think that helps.  However, what sunk him on the board was the fact that once he makes a mistake, he crumbles because he can't just roll past it.  That is fatal on the board.

And, can't remember if I mentioned it, but my board for consideration for promotion to E-8 (which would be a very big step and likely my last promotion) has been pushed back to December 3 due to the shutdown after-effects, rather than meeting in November.  This means that I likely will not know the results before February, when I am either coming home on leave or coming home to stay.  Also, this means I will be waiting on the results of my application to the National Intelligence University (they come out on April 1) and my board results during the same time.  March could be a snappy month.

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 So, I ordered Volume 1 of Beast-King GoLion, which for those who aren't massive 1980s cartoon fans is the Japanese anime series that Voltron (the Lion Force edition) was based on/created from.

 When I was a kid and Voltron came on, I didn't know it was anime.  I didn't know it was actually a style.  I liked it.  Still do, obviously, although even then I think I knew there were some massive plot holes.  But it didn't matter, because that was where OUR stories went.  My brothers and I must have played Voltron at least as much as we played GI Joe.  Back in the 80s, you could only get like 2 Voltron episodes per VHS tape, except for the 5 episode opening arc.  When they started bringing out Voltron DVDs, I was very excited.  And they look fabulous, which considering that they had to pretty much remake the masters, is pretty impressive.  

Cut for people not interested in giant lion robots... )

Verdict: Not a waste of time, but not making me a convert to the school of anime.

DV (And no, this isn't a product of me procrastinating on Double Jeopardy edits!)
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This is hilarious. A feminist icon for the 1980's (no, obviously NOT Ann Coulter, despite the screenshot showing her)...

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1. How old were you in 1980?
 When it started, eight months old.  1979, the same year the Russians invaded Afghanistan.

2. How old were you in 1989?

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Election season humor for the children of the 80s.

Pretty good, although the guy's voice is not quite like Chris Latta.



Jan. 7th, 2008 10:03 pm
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 Can you tell I have more time without the MV here or what?

 So anyway, I got through all of the fourth set of the Voltron DVDs today while I was having a kitchen cleaning frenzy.  A few observations:

 1) Am I the only one who wants to drop-kick Prince Bandor?  I know he's a kid, but he's very annoying.

 2) I still love Lance.  Because he's the team smart-ass.  This should not be news to anyone.

 3) Every now and then, Bandor is actually useful.

 4) Apparently I need to finish watching the third set, because I missed a big chunk of plot.

 DV (yes, yes, child of the 80s, I know...)


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