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Being deployed on your birthday is no fun.

I had intended to post something else tonight, but I got roped into stupidity, so forgot the treat I had promised myself, and I'm not really in the mood to write anything useful.  Thanks to stupidity, I did not get the nap I wanted, and I'm not getting my reading for class done either.

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Got some minor chores accomplished, got about 20 pages into reading for next week in class.  Only 100 more to go.  It's not the reading, it's the notetaking that slows me down.

I got a bit of a nap, but not as much as I wanted.

Off to be now,
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More of the paper done.  I just need to write the section on evolution of whiteness, revamp the beginning and throw together an ending.

Stopping for now because I can do that at work tomorrow during the morning dead period, and I also need to read this book on the Ludlow Massacre for next week's class.  Yay.

I have a gift story for the Rare Ship Swap, waiting impatiently to see what it is!

Off to read.

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Why won't my history reading do itself?  I hate this point in the class, where everyone has lost their will to live - or at least, to write.  She's assigned a lighter book this week (for next week) but just NO desire.  Plus, I need to crank out the paper.

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 Dear AO3, you are making it very difficult to get my homework done.  I'm going to have to buckle down tomorrow.

 But there is sooo much incredible Vorkosigan fic....

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All settled into my new lair.  Getting organized in a different space took some doing, but now we are all good.

Relaxing and reading now, hoping that tomorrow I will go in and there will be NEWS about school.

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 A third of the way through.

 The school thing I was supposed to hear about that.  They still haven't sent out notifications.  I HATE "on or about" dates.  What would happen if I wanted to show up "on or about" work call?  Waiting is painful.  There's a lot riding on it.

 Going to repack one of my bags in prep for moving.  They made us bring a ton of stuff we've NEVER used.  Good to be prepared, but I'll be glad when we can throw these bags on a plane.

 Either way - WE ARE UNDER 100 DAYS.  This party is getting to the end.  Need to get all the financial goals met!  The new VixenMobile has been ordered and a partial down payment paid.

 Rolled back through some tags today, and I miss some of the people who used to be on here with us.  FB is not the same.



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