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So, I'm a Star Wars fan.

A Star Wars fan who's a little sad that the Extended Universe got handwaved away - I really loved Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole, and my requests this year reflect that. (I think last year I found this exchange after noms had already happened...)

However, I'm also a Star Wars fan who thought Rogue One totally and completely rocked it out of the park. Loved it loved it loved it!

Please don't refer to anything that happened after the godawful Vector Prime and switch to Del Rey.

I'm also not a very active Star Wars fan. I enjoyed TFA, I love the original 3, and I am NOT a fan of the prequels. My heart is with the original 3 (and Rogue One, now that it exists) and the "waved away" Extended Universe.

I'm also not really a Luke fan. Give me Han and Wedge any day of the week. And maybe Ben Kenobi.

General wants: I'm okay with fluffy-but-not-unrelieved-sugar, bittersweet-but-not-despair-of-the-ages, humor, romance, adventure, mystery. I am not opposed to sex as long as it's in character. Explicit is okay, but so is fade to black. I like "what-if" AUs, but not "Star Wars: The Dorms".

On all my requests, I'm TOTALLY and completely fine with the idea of the characters being in a tapcafe or cantina or bar telling stories about "that one time" - or having encounters in bars.

I forgot to nominate him alone this yer, but last year I had a request where Biggs lived and HE became the most famous pilot from Tatooine. Feel free to work this idea into any of your stories, if you like.

General DNW: No noncon, dubcon, graphic violence or torture, major character death (that's not already canon compliant - i.e., Han in TFA).

I know whatever you write, I'm going to love!

My requests:

1. Corran Horn/Erisi Dlarit

In the Rogue Squadron books, Stackpole suggests that Erisi might have known that Corran was alive and where he was, and that he might have been a reward for "good behavior"...Run with this. I hate Erisi, but this scenario struck me as an interesting one on a reread.

I really dislike Erisi, but I'd be happy with an AU where this happens, as long as she does get punished. Not a fan of the Bacta Queen.

2. Wedge Antilles/Leia Organa

I love the idea of a fling between these two, or stress relief. I ship Han/Leia but I can see an...encounter between these two.

Especially since in the Rogue Squadron (RS) novels, they depict these two as being friends, and he thinks how he wouldn't want to put someone through what Leia went through. I'm thinking totally friends-with-benefits, stress relief, one time and no strings...

3. Cassian Andor & Wedge Antilles

Surely these two knew each other in passing, at least. Maybe something related to downtime, or something related to the idea that Rogue Squadron is so named because of Rogue One (bonus points if there's an explanation that the call sign "Rogue One" is never used again).

I'm not looking for they were best buddies, but surely they knew of each other. Introspection is fine.

4. Corran Horn & Mirax Terrik & Han Solo & Leia Organa

This could be an EPIC double date.

That pretty much sums it up. Feel free to include blasters, aliens informing people "that's our seat/table", and "didn't we just leave this party?"

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi & None

I'd really prefer that he be alone for this one. I'd like something introspective during his time alone on Tatooine, or maybe introspection while he's living through the events of A New Hope. If you go with the latter, feel free to involve Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia. Not too much reference to the ins and outs of the prequels (not a huge fan) but there's the obvious points.

I'm a desert dweller myself, so something about living in the desert?

This pretty much sums it up.

6. Wedge Antilles & Corran Horn & Booster Terrik & Han Solo & Mirax Terrik

Two Corellians are a fight, three are a conspiracy or a victory... what could this crowd accomplish? Feel free to go a downtime, swapping stories in a bar route. Or just Corellians and their love for Corellia.

This pretty well sums it up. Feel free to have Booster and Han not-so-gently poking at Corran.

7. Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso

I can't help myself from shipping it. On this prompt, feel free to go to fix-it land, or AU land. Or give me some introspection down there on the beach. (I've read the novelization and enjoyed it, but it could have gone deeper and shippier.) Or a moment of happiness before we all go to get killed.

I'm equally okay with fix-it AU or moment of happiness.

8. Corran Horn/Mirax Terrik

I love the Rogue Squadron books, and I love these two. I'd really love something set in the early Rogue Squadron books, where they're interested but not quite making the move. Or have made the move. Or some followup to the whole bit in RS #4 where Wedge marries them just so they won't have to deal with Booster. I love how they have a very equal relationship.

I love the whole part where Wedge marries them (with Tycho and Winter as witnesses) so they can skip Booster being pissy about them being engaged, and just be pissy about them being married.

Would prefer something set before I, Jedi.

9. Pash Cracken & Wedge Antilles

The whole deal where these two are on Coruscant before Rogue Squadron brings down the house, especially the bit where they're shopping for souvenirs, kills me. More in that vein with friendship, swapping big stories, or even facing off against each other in a demonstration dogfight.

So, the whole deal where they're at the Imperial Museum looking at souvenirs, and Pash buys his father a holo-model deal with the Emperor, and he's all "I told my dad I'd bring him something"... I love that scene. More than I can say.

10. Obi-Wan Kenobi & Leia Organa

I read a request that was basically how Bail Organa wasn't just sending the message with Leia, he was sending Leia to Obi-Wan. Give me an AU where these two get a chance to interact meaningfully.

Pretty much this. Make Leia the Jedi, not Luke. Or just have her meet "her only hope".



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