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 Not a very exciting update this time around.

 25 - 29. Mystery Solved for Peggy, Hopes Fulfilled for Peggy, Heart's Surrender for Peggy, Wider Horizons for Peggy, and Chapter Closed for Peggy, all by Dorothy Martin.  I've been working through this series from the Moody Press (there was a brief pause because I lost my first copy of Mystery Solved), and it's not horrible.  It's less vapid than some of the teen stuff being done today for the Christian market, once you get past the emphasis on being saved the "right" way and shock when characters turn out to be a Christian.

 30. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.  I've read this one before, of course, but had to buy another copy to read to the MV (she really enjoyed it).  She was as hooked by the following passage as I was, all those years ago: "Who were these people, these specially selected tenants? They were mothers and fathers and children. A dressmaker, a secretary, an inventor, a doctor, a judge. And, oh yes, one was a bookie, one was a burglar, one was a bomber, and one was a mistake. Barney Northrup had rented the apartment one of the problems to the wrong person."  Good time reading it.

31. The Ghosts of Departure Point by Eve Bunting.  I found this one at the UBS in town, and found it pretty entertaining.  Ghosts working for redemption, and a twist ending.  Solid 80's teen work.

32. The Girl Death Left Behind by Lurlene McDaniel.  So if you were reading in the 80s, or had a kid reading in the 80s, you know Lurlene McDaniel is pretty synonymous with death, grief, and depression - and eventually working past it.  One thing I enjoyed about her books was that they were realistic about the fact that dealing with these issues takes TIME, and generally involves some setbacks and acting out.  This one involves a teen whose entire family is killed in an accident (she is not in the car because she was sick), and gets her whole life turned upside down by well-meaning relatives.

33. Baby-Sitters' Club Little Sister Super Special #1 by Ann M. Martin.  We were at a Girl Scouts meeting when they found a whole, new stash of these in the building we're using now, so I brought one home.  I generally was not a fan of the Little Sister series, because I was older than the demographic, and I find Karen to be annoying.  However, this one is actually pretty good,  and deals with learning about the different winter holidays.

34. Fabulous Five #1 Seventh Grade Rumors by Betsy Haynes.  Another UBS find.  Another one of the preteen friend series that was popular in my childhood, although apparently another one I missed.  It was entertaining enough that I found the second one on PBS.

We're going to be flying to Las Vegas this week, and I have some actual adult reading materials coming along for the ride.

Reading with MV: The Incredible Journey (much enjoyed by us, and I think by the Siamese, especially with frequent mentions of "the cat") and the Westing Game.

Day 1

Oct. 2nd, 2013 08:31 am
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Trying to do the whole "blog every day of the month" challenge for October.  We will see how it goes.

Yuletide tagset is still having glitches, apparently.  Hopefully they can get things resolved quickly because I am really looking forward to it this year.

I bought a truly horrible $.99 Regency for the Kindle that is not only being returned (I truly love the policy where you can return it within 7 days) but getting a bad review.  It's not just stupid, it's also poorly edited and anachronistic. It's called Lord Tristan's True Love by Kymber Lee.  Avoid it.

And it's flu shot time, yay!  I have to head into work early to get mine out of the way.

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Amazon has a whole bunch of Heyers (mysteries and romances) for $1.99. 

The Toll-Gate
Royal Escape
Charity Girl
Bath Tangle
Powder and Patch
Regency Buck
The Grand Sophy
The Nonesuch
The Quiet Gentleman

Detection Unlimited
Blunt Instrument
Footsteps in the Dark
Unfinished Clue
Duplicate Death
Envious Casca

I'm mildly annoyed because a full-price Kindle version of Nonesuch was one of my first purchases (goes in the Desert Island section of my Kindle).  I snagged several of these.


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 So, I got the email about Amazon's Sunshine Collection for Kindle, and am checking it out.  Some that people on the f-list might be interested in:

 The Grand Sophy - Kindle version for $1.99
I found some others, as well as a book that looks WTF enough to check out for ninety-nine cents : a Pride and Prejudice with sex scenes added.  Really, weren't the zombies enough?

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 This looks like it's going to be good:

From Amazon: The number-one New York Times–bestselling author J. D. Robb presents an intense and terrifying new case for New York homicide cop Eve Dallas, one that will take her all the way to the city that gave her her name — and plunge her into the nightmares of her childhood. When a monster named Isaac McQueen — taken down by Eve back in her uniform days — escapes from Rikers, he has two things in mind. One is to pick up where he left off, abducting young victims and leaving them scarred in both mind and body. The other is to get revenge on the woman who stopped him all those years ago

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The Kindle has 42 books on it, and only 1 cost me anything.  I've been able to get rid of 6 actual books.  Some of the books on the Kindle are "desert island" choices (i.e., if this was all I ever had to read) like Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Rilla of Ingleside, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

A lot of what I picked up is "Oooh, interesting and free" so no help with reduction of books.  Not that having less books is really a goal of mine, however, more like maximizing the collection.

Once my feline visitors are gone, and I have my bookroom back, I think I'm buying a new bookcase.

I also need to make some inroads on my to-read pile, which means not buying any for awhile.

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 I need new bookcases.  The replacement dowels are not holding up as well, and I'm in danger of shelves breaking and/or falling.

 This would of course become unavoidably apparent after the President's Day sales are over.  :(

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 Arabella will be out from Sourcebook in August.
 The Grand Sophy will be out in July.

 It really does look like Sourcebook is going to release the entire Heyer canon, and the editions are nice.  Trade size, good print, mostly good cover art.

 Let's keep convincing them that it's a good idea.


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 So night 2 of this BS at work.  However, we don't have to work Friday, which is pretty spiffy.  When we get out of here, I'm going to go work out, and then I'm going home to bed.  I may stop at Waffle House in between, although that would pretty much cancel out my workout.

 I did some tidying of the book catalog, adding the latest set and getting ready to go through the books while I'm on leave later this month and put more of them in boxes.  I'm up over 1800 now.  The next major cull will probably be before we PCS, either in late 2009 or early 2010.

 Interesting facts about my book collection:


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A few dates to keep in mind:

Strangers in Death by JD Robb - February 19, 2008

JD Robb's stuff is like popcorn, but I've never been really disappointed by a book, although I do wish they'd stayed in PB. This one seems like it will be lighter than the last one, which is good. There's also a PB anthlology of the shorts, which will be good.

The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston - March 3, 2008

These have been generally good, although I liked the first book best. I'll probably buy it, but I may want to read the back cover first. And they're TPB, which I like.

The Third Circle by Amanda Quick - April 22, 2008

Just in time for my birthday. Quick is one of the few authors I buy in HC sight unseen. I haven't yet been disappointed. I do miss her Regency period books, but the other Arcane book was pretty good, and her last one, The River Knows was excellent.

Murder on Bank Street: A Gaslight Mystery by Victoria Thompson - June 3, 2008

This historical mystery series is pretty good, and the HCs are undersized, which I like. Waiting to see what she does with her continuous UST subplot.

Nothing new listed as yet for SM Stirling, but there should be one in the September time frame, which I am anxiously awaiting.

Also nothing new listed for David Weber, which irritates me much.



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