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First off, don't worry - I know I'm going to love whatever you write for me!

General Stuff:

Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark. Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.

I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!

I generally prefer het or gen. I'm good with explicit sex, but I am not really into any kinks. (Some light bondage or light D/s is okay - think restraints and blindfolds, not spanking or flogging) Romance is always in. The "fade to black" or implied sex is fine, or making out. As long as it works for the characters, I enjoy it.

I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types (Unless they ARE all at boarding school together...)

Stories where problems are solved by feminine insight/intuition rock!

If you know more than one of the requested fandoms, or some of my other fandoms (particularly Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, Georgette Heyer or And Then There Were None), I love crossovers. But only if you like to write them!

Please no explicit violence/gore (nothing higher than what already exists in a canon) and no sexual violence. I'd also prefer you avoid major (i.e. nominated) character death.

On to the specifics:

1. Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon)
Group: Eric "the Cavalier"/Sheila "the Thief" Ramoud (Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon)
Canon Style Plot, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama

I really love Eric/Sheila, and I really love how Ramoud interacts with Eric and the others. Send them on a canon-style adventure and give me some Eric/Sheila.

I love Ramoud (introduced in the ep City on the Edge of Midnight) and would really love to see something with him. An AU where the kids decide to stay with him for awhile? An AU where Eric comes back to the Realm? (I love stories where they come back to the Realm.) You can include the rest of the crew, but I do want Eric/Sheila focus. Eps I really love: The Hall of Bones, Quest of the Skeleton Warrior, The Last Illusion, The Dragon's Graveyard, Child of the Stargazer.

2. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Group: Queen Marlena/King Randor Group: Queen Marlena & He-Man | Adam
AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama

I love Queen Marlena so much. I'd love "Marlena comes to Eternia and falls for the king" - how does the court take it? How does everyone take it?

I also really love her relationship with Adam (SHE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS), and balancing the two relationships.

Obviously I love the Rainbow Warrior episode. I'd love the "Marlena comes to Eternia" story. But I'd also love something set in the time of the series. I also love focus on diplomacy, which we don't see a lot of. Fancy dress balls would be awesome. He-Man is one of my formative fandoms (more so than She-Ra) - I still get chills when I hear the music and watch the show.

3. Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Group: Ivan Vorpatril/Tej Arqua Vorpatril, Group: Gregor Vorbarra/Laisa Toscane Vorbarra
Angst, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fluff, Interpersonal Drama

I love both of these couples so much. If you want to focus a little more on one than the other, I'd prefer Ivan and Tej - but I love the four of them together. I'd love something that plays into Barrayaran social whirls in Vorbarr Sultana - maybe a mystery?

I love both of them - I love the sweet and sexy vibe between Ivan and Tej, and can imagine a similar one with Gregor and Laisa. I love the social whirl aspects of Barrayar, and court politics, and would be totally down for some sort of Winterfair mystery with fancy dresses, or even just the fancy dresses and no mystery. Maybe something showcasing the younger set, focusing on these two couples? Or maybe a vacation together? Or Laisa and Tej have girl time (bonus points if you invite Alys and Cordelia along) I don't really want heavy for this. But a little angst is okay (this is Barrayar).

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation
group: Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher
Angst, AU - Canon Divergence, Character Development, Fix-it fic, Fluff, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life

I love P/C. It's one of my formative ships.

I'd love to see some holodeck games - maybe instead of Dixon Hill, they could play Clue, or a Poirot mystery? (I dislike Dixon Hill, but love the "mystery in the holodeck" deal.)

Or go on some AU adventure where they've BEEN together.

Feel free to work in Riker/Troi.

I would really love to see them do a holoadventure involving Poirot or And Then There Were None. Or, since Beverly likes to direct plays, maybe the Enterprise stages ATTWN?

5. Crossover Fandom: Poirot and Marple
Group: Jane Marple (Miss Marple) & Hercule Poirot (Poirot)
AU - Canon Divergence, Canon Style Plot, Character Development, Interpersonal Drama, Mystery/Procedural, Slice of Life

I'm thinking these two get together on a trip or at a house party. Someone (I really prefer the ones where the only question is why someone waited so long to off the person) dies and investigations ensue.

Feel free to blend a little of the book and TV Poirot, and involve Miss Lemon and Hastings. (Also, Miss Lemon and Miss Marple together could be quite entertaining!)

I don't really have anything to add here. I can see these two developing a great respect for each other. I think Miss Lemon and Miss Marple could be quite the pair.



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