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Actually, first let me apologize for lateness but DW ate the first attempt...

I'm super excited about this exchange, because I love crossovers and AUs. Love them, love them, love them!  I like thoughtful reasonable ones where everything really fits together, just as much as I love cracky McGuffin-esque ones.  Whatever you do, it's going to be great!

DNW: excessive violence/sexual violence, cruelty to animals or children

First, let me tell you (a little) of what I love about each fandom:

Dallas 1978:  1980s extravagance and excess.  JR Ewing scheming, wheeling and dealing.  The way Sue Ellen's alcoholism is real, both the ups and downs.  The fashions!  If you are familiar with the reboot, feel free to hint at it.  I also love the "we'll fight all we want but you take us all on" dynamic.  Would prefer focus on later seasons, unless you want to have some fun with Bobby Ewing's shower.

Hart to Hart: These two have such chemistry, and I love it.  I like the more serious undercover stuff (like related to Hart Industries) and how they just keep having murders happen around them.  The 80s fashions are also fun!  The first season episode set in Vail is one of the best.

Murder She Wrote: My mother watched this show so much, my brothers and I refer to Angela Lansbury as Grandma.  I love Jessica and how she just stumbles into murders (or is a murder magnet).  I like Cabot Cove stories but some of the travel ones (like Snow White, Blood Red) are also excellent.  Seasons 2-5 are good.

Cherry Ames: I like the WW2 stories just as much as the Cherry Ames, Random Nursing Job titles.  I like her determination, her late streak, and just her in general.  My favorites are Army Nurse, Chief Nurse, and Boarding School Nurse.

Nancy Drew: I love Nancy in all her incarnations - originals, yellow spines, Nancy Drew files.  I like when she's determined and maybe a little reckless in pursuit of mysteries.  No Nancy/Ned, please - I don't ship it.  I love The Mystery of Lilac Inn and the Bungalow Mystery.

Perry Mason: Perry/Della.  Perry relying on Della's feminine intuition.  Clients who just can't tell the truth even when it would help, and who just can't resist hiding that one thing.  Perry making people think he's done in.  Paul doing the last minute legwork.  I have the whole show, but definitely want the show, not the movies.

G.I. Joe: One of my favorites as a kid.  I love the women of the team.  I love the 80s feel.  Some of my favorites are The Funhouse, COBRA Stops the World, and the whole Arise Serpentor Arise mini-series.

Captain America movies: I really love the first one, but I also love watching Steve adapt to his new reality.  And the whole scene in Winter Soldier where Zola is all "accidents happen"... Also, there's totally UST between Cap and Black Widow.

Clue: I love this movie, especially Miss Scarlet - how she is brash, frank, sexy and unapologetic.  Feel free to combine Clue with anything on this list.  I really like the whole "strangers trapped together" deal.

Jem: One of my favorites.  I love Jerrica and her need for an alter ego, the dynamics between all the characters, and yes even the music and cartoon 80s fashions.  I like the earlier episodes before things get cracky, but I also enjoy the Stingers eps.

He-Man and Masters of the Universe: My favorite cartoon.  There was something about this one I always liked better than She-Ra, and it's Adam and Cringer's relationship - plus I love Queen Marlena.  I love the Rainbow Warrior ep, Into the Abyss and the Sword in the Stone.

Hunger Games (movies):  I enjoyed the first 2 movies as much as the 2 books - a little shaky on the Mockingjay stuff.  I enjoy how the movie gives us a better feel for the whole world.

Greek and Roman Mythology: I love the soap opera aspect.  Big fan of the Trojan War related stories, especially Odysseus and Penelope.

On to the requests!

1. Dallas (TV 1978), Hart to Hart
J. R. Ewing
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

For some reason Sue Ellen is not in the canonical character list, nor is Sly. Let's fix that! Jonathan and Jennifer don't appear either. I want them, Max and Freeway are not necessary.

I think these two would crossover nicely, especially something linking Hart Industries and Ewing Oil (merger?  JR pulling a dirty deal?)  Feel free to have other 80s shows cameo in - I'm a big fan of Falcon Crest, Hill Street Blues as well.  I'd love to see Jonathan and JR interact, especially both think they can take the other.  Please work Sly in if you can!

2. Hart to Hart, Murder She Wrote
Jessica Fletcher, Grady Fletcher, Amos Tupper, Seth Hazlitt
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

Jonathan and Jennifer do not appear in the list

Both of these fandoms have the whole "oops, I attract murders" thing going on - play it up!  This one would be great for a strangers trapped together or travel story, or maybe some other connection (i.e., Jessica knows one of their parents) - plus, I think watching Jessica and Jennifer meddle together could be fun!

3. Cherry Ames - Helen Wells & Julie Tatham, Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene, Perry Mason (TV)
Nancy Drew, Carson Drew, Eloise Drew, Helen Corning, Don Cameron
Perry Mason, Della Street, Paul Drake
Cherry Ames, Gwenthyan "Gwen" Jones
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

I wouldn't mind Marie Swift either!

Any and all combinations are good!  Maybe Carson Drew needs some help with a case in LA - maybe Perry needs a connection in River Heights!  Cherry Ames, Law Office Nurse?  Nancy and Cherry team up and solve mysteries?  You could go with a WW2 theme or a more timeless one.

4. G.I. Joe (Cartoon), Captain America (Movies)
Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Howling Commandos
Conrad "Duke" S. Hauser, Courtney A. Kreiger, Hector X. Delgado, Zarana,
Mainframe (G. I. Joe)
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

Not sure why Scarlett is not showing up, but feel free to bring her and the Baroness along!

COBRA and a Red Skull connection?  Steve working with the Joes?  Joes back in WW2 as a Howling Commando-style team.  Just keep in mind, I really enjoy the women of the team!

5. Clue (1985), Dallas (TV 1978), Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene, Hart to Hart, Murder She Wrote
Nancy Drew, Carson Drew
Jessica Fletcher
Miss Scarlet (Clue)
J. R. Ewing
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

Jonathan and Jennifer, of course.

Any and all here, please!  This one lends itself to the cracky sort of crossover where the how is not important.  If you want to put all of these together in a Clue setting, that would rock my world.  JR definitely has something to hide.  I'd love to see  Nancy interact with Jessica or the Harts...or trying to solve a dinner party mystery.  Fashion descriptions would also rock!

6. G.I. Joe (Cartoon), Jem and the Holograms (Cartoon), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Conrad "Duke" S. Hauser, Courtney A. Kreiger, Zarana, Mainframe (G. I. Joe)
Eric Raymond, Jem | Jerrica Benton, Kimber Benton, Rory "Riot" Llewelyn
Battle Cat | Cringer, He-Man | Adam
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

Queen Marlena doesn't show up, but I love her.

Another cracky crossover.  I don't care how you get them together, but I'm totally here for the 80s cartoon mashup.  Feel free to cameo in others (Thundercats, Visionaries, Scooby Doo, Jonny Quest, She-Ra, Jana of the Jungle, Captain Caveman...)  Something focusing on Marlena's Earth origins would make a good tie.

7. The Hunger Games (Movies), Greek and Roman Mythology
Katniss Everdeen, Primrose Everdeen
Αθήνα | Athena (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), Ὀδυσσεύς | Odysseus (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), Πηνελόπη | Penelope (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), Αρτεμις | Artemis | Diana (Greek & Roman Mythology), Κασσάνδρα | Cassandra (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
Crossover/Fic OR Fusion/Fic

Hector, tamer of horses, is always a must
Not sure why this was an issue, but I'd like these folks: These character tags in your request are not in the selected fandom(s), The Hunger Games (Movies), Greek and Roman Mythology: Haymitch Abernathy, Gale Hawthorne, Demeter, Agamemnon (Your moderator may be able to fix this.)

So, what I would really like for this one is a Trojan War/Hunger Games crossover or fusion.  What if the Greek gods were controlling the odds?  What district is Odysseus from?  Please involve Penelope.


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