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It goes without saying that I know I'll love what you write, so good luck!

General Stuff:

Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark. Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.

I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!

I generally prefer het or gen. I'm good with explicit sex, but I am not really into any kinks. (Some light bondage or light D/s is okay - think restraints and blindfolds, not spanking or flogging) Romance is always in. The "fade to black" or implied sex is fine, or making out. As long as it works for the characters, I enjoy it.

I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types (Unless they ARE all at boarding school together...)

Stories where problems are solved by feminine insight/intuition rock!

If you know more than one of the requested fandoms, or some of my other fandoms (particularly Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, Georgette Heyer or And Then There Were None), I love crossovers. But only if you like to write them!

Please no explicit violence/gore (nothing higher than what already exists in a canon) and no graphic sexual violence. I'd also prefer you avoid major (i.e. nominated) character death. Also please no animal violence/cruelty.

1. Greek and Roman Mythology
Clytemnestra & Helen of Troy & Penelope, Hera & Demeter, Demeter & Hestia

DNW specific: Don't make Clytemnestra the bad girl. She has legitimate reasons to be pissed at Agamemnon, and I’d probably have done the same.

Clytemnestra & Helen of Troy & Penelope - Penelope is their cousin. A lot of people forget this. Post-war introspection? Regency AU? Playing off Jane Yolen's Young Heroes?

I admit to being more interested in Clytemnestra and Penelope, but mostly because so much other stuff has been done about Helen. I’ve done an AU about Clytemnestra and Cassandra you may find interesting, I'll Teach You No More In Cryptic Riddles:

Hera & Demeter - They're both considered to be Great Goddesses. What do the senior Olympian women chat about? Let them show their power.
I’m really more into Demeter, especially when portrayed in a ripe aspect (wheat blonde braids/waves and blood red poppies, a mature woman but not a crone). I find her interaction with humans and her removal from all the soap operas over at Olympus to be interesting. I also like Hera, even if she does get petty. I’d be down for a Regency AU if you feel like it. Or maybe put these two (and some of the other Olympians) in an Christie-style mission. Bonus points if you include Nemesis in this one.

Demeter & Hestia - Sisters, and goddess of the fields and goddess of the hearth.
I don’t have much more ideas on this one. Maybe Regency AU?

2. Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
Carson Drew & Eloise Drew, Nancy Drew & Eloise Drew, Nancy Drew & Carson Drew & Eloise Drew, Isabel Topham & Ada Topham

Carson & Eloise - more about their relationship

Feel free to set this in the series present, or perhaps when they’re teens (Nancy’s age). For this fandom, I am totally down with exotic locations and travels. The only thing I would really NOT like is a “Eloise comes to live with widowed brother Carson and becomes substitute Mom” – I like Eloise the way she is!

Nancy & Eloise - aunt & niece bonding times! Big city adventures, or even maybe a shopping trip that turns out to be an adventure
For this one, I’d be down with an AU where both parents are dead and Nancy goes to live with Eloise. Otherwise, big city adventure or glamorous travel.

Nancy & Carson & Eloise - see above. Would prefer more on how N & C relate to Eloise, not each other. Maybe hostage situation or adventure? Maybe a cruise where N&E conspire to keep some woman's claws out of Carson?
I’d love travel and glamour, with or without a dash of danger. If you have the background, travel to a Soviet/former-Soviet locale or a cruise would be lovely.

Isabel and Ada Topham - What nastiness have these two been up to since the Secret of the Old Clock?
For these two, you can hang out in River Heights or combine this prompt with a travel abroad. I’m down with unsuccessful plottings as well.

Prefer set in yellow spine times, or even originals.
I prefer the yellow spines or originals, but if the Nancy Drew Files are what you know, roll with it. Also feel free to throw in the Hardy Boys (especially if you go down the Frank/Nancy route…) I am not a Ned fan, so try to avoid him. Mentions are fine, but I dislike plots that focus on him.

Feel free to toss in a locked room or Agatha Christie style plot (i.e. Topham sisters lure Drews to a locale where they are in danger) – and something that riffs off And Then There Were None always works.

3. The Unknown Ajax - Georgette Heyer
Lady Aurelia & Elvira Darracott, Lady Aurelia & Anthea Darracott, Vincent Darracott & Anthea Darracott & Hugo Darracott

I love the Darracotts and their dysfunctional dynamics.

A lot. Ajax is one of my favorite Heyers. I really really enjoy this one.

Would love to see how Lady Aurelia interacts with her niece or sister-in-law post Anthea's marriage.
I love how very unruffled Lady Aurelia is, and how she deals with her somewhat scatty sister-in-law. In some ways, Anthea would make a far better daughter to Lady Aurelia. Maybe some advice about how to go on in one’s Season, or an intro to another Heyer character? I love Cotillion, The Nonesuch, and A Civil Contract.

Vincent & Anthea & Hugo - how do these three "senior cousins" interact with each other post-marriage? (I'm totally down with some sort of undertaking Lord Darracott will not approve of.) Perhaps something during the Season?
I don’t have any specific ideas about this one. I’d enjoy something set in the whirl of the Season, perhaps attempts to get Vincent matched off? As above, I’m totally down for the three of them plotting something that will annoy their grandfather.

I would also not be opposed to exploration of Vincent/Anthea/Hugo if the story takes you there, would prefer that one set in the Season.
This one hangs out in the back of my head. I failed to nominate it, but if you do a “senior cousins” story that heads that direction, I’d enjoy reading it. Whirl of Season, perhaps a Regency house party where people get up to naughty things…

4. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Adam & Queen Marlena (Masters of the Universe) (He-Man)

I love this relationship. I love Queen Marlena SO MUCH. And I love that she KNOWS. When/how did she find out? (joke about Batman can be employed here). How would she react if Adam is forced to reveal his secret? Mother-son heart to heart?

I'm also interested in the deeper level this brings to the scene in Secret of the Sword where a sobbing Queen isn't just asking her planet's champion to rescue the princess - she's a mother begging her son for help.

Or maybe they visit Earth together? Or maybe it's a moment with Adam that makes Marlena truly realize she is committed to Eternia?

So I won’t lie. This prompt was pretty much my first thought when I was nominating for this challenge. I love Marlena and her relationship with Adam, and how she KNOWS. There really isn’t much more to say on this one. I would really love this story. I love the Rainbow Warrior episode’s portrayal of the Queen. I’d also prefer minimal Randor involvement.

5. Jem and the Holograms (Cartoon)
Emmett Benton & Jerrica Benton (Cartoon), Jacqui Benton & Jerrica Benton (Cartoon), Rory "Riot" Llewelyn & Riot's Father (Cartoon)
Totally here for Jerrica - would love either introspection about past/how would they feel about Starlight Music and Jem? Or an AU where Jacqui lived (even if Emmett dies) - survived the crash, how does that change everything?

I would really love the Jacqui Lives AU, whether you swap her for Emmett or let both of them live. Are there more “sisters”? Does Jacqui go on to be a bigger star? Does Jem even need to exist in this one?

For Riot and his dad, would love to see their relationship evolving past Riot's Hope. Let his father see Riot's practical side, or maybe the Stingers do a USO tour? Feel free to involve Jerrica as well.
On this one, I don’t expect a “everything is automatically wonderful” story – in fact, I’d like to see some of the bumps and see them working on it. Maybe heavy hints about how Riot should settle down with Jerrica? You can include his mother as well, but focus more on his father. Or… if you wanted to deliberately play on the scene where we see little Riot playing the piano with his mother and his father getting all upset, only moving it forward (maybe he’s working on a song with his mother’s help?”

And have fun writing it!



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