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Dear Chocolatier,

I just know I'm going to enjoy whatever you write, so don't stress about it.

Also, I'm totally greedy when it comes to this challenge, because we're allowed to pick so many small things - I like all of them! I also love love love treats.

Ratings: I like everything from fade to black to steamy to explicit.

General DNW: dubcon, noncon, major character death that is not canonical, and nothing too dark (bittersweet is good, grimdark is not).

General Wants: female-focus fics, missing moments, friendships, relationships, AUs based on divergence (not coffee shop AUs), sexy/sweet slices of life.

If you want more of me rambling about things I like, check out my "exchanges", "dear yuletide writer", and "dear writer" tags.

On to the requests:

1. Anne of Green Gables
Jem/Faith, Walter & Faith, Anne & Ruby

Love Jem/Faith, would love more about how they hook up, because it's basically assumed - give me an early moment - something pre-war please

Walter & Faith: The Riding of the Pigs and its aftermath, how does that and her relationship with Jem influence this relationship - I didn't nom it but if you wanted to go Jem/Faith & Walter that would be cool

Ruby Gillis & Anne - a fix-it where Ruby doesn't die

For Jem/Faith, definitely go pre-war. I'd love something about them falling for each other, or maybe a romantic moment in Rainbow Valley.

For everything else, the prompts pretty much speak for themselves.

2. Baby-Sitters Club
Maureen McGill & Rioko Kishi, Maureen McGill/Richard Spier, Maureen McGill & Elizabeth Thomas Brewer, Watson Brewer/Elizabeth Thomas Brewer, Watson Brewer & Kristy Thomas

After reading one of the newer/later ones with Stacey, I'm all about her mom (I hear she has it going on)

Maureen and Rioko - Do they have a relationship, given how close their girls are?
Maureen/Richard - Not necessarily a ship but a date at least?
Maureen and Elizabeth - Does Elizabeth give her any advice about the new single mom life? (Does Elizabeth fix up Maureen and Richard on a blind date or a double date? Feel free to walk down this road...)

I'm always on for a Watson/Elizabeth slice of life - sweet and sexy slices too
Watson & Kristy - I also have a stepdad who is hugely important in my life, but that relationship can get rocky. I LOVED the book where they went to ball camp together

Feel free to combine any and all of these prompts (for example, if you wrote a Watson/Elizabeth piece where she discussed fixing Maureen and Richard up with him while they cuddled or otherwise enjoyed a childfree moment I'd be TOTALLY on board with that).

It's also okay if the answer for how close Maureen and Rioko are is "not very". That being said, if you wanted to set a story about the two of them in a story where Stacey is marrying Sam and of course Claudia is the maid of honor, I'd be on board with that.

3. Gone With The Wind - AMT
Melanie Wilkes & Wade Hampton Hamilton, Melanie Wilkes & Charles Hamilton

These two really go together, but I love the relationship between Melanie and Wade, and how she helps fill some of the gaps. If you want to do something with Wade dealing with her death, that is A-OK. Or feel free to work in something about Melanie's father's sword, and Wade still using it for comfort. Be gentle with the little guy.

Maybe Melanie tries to knock some sense into her brother about marrying Scarlett? Feel free to incorporate background Melanie/Ashley.

I love Melanie and her gentle strength and I always want to know more about Wade when I read the book. I always hope that he recovers from the traumas in his early years. I'd really love it if you worked in the sword.

4. Crossovers
Hercule Poirot (Poirot) & Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene)
Jane Marple (Marple series) & Hercule Poirot (Poirot series)
Jane Marple (Marple) & Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene)
Jane Marple (Marple) & Maud Silver (Miss Silver Mysteries - Patricia Wentworth)
Kitty Cheshire (Ever After High) & Toralei Stripe (Monster High)
Jyn Erso (Rogue One) & Wedge Antilles (Star Wars)
Patience Chartley (The Nonesuch - Heyer) & Jenny Chawleigh (A Civil Contract - Heyer)
Penelope (The Odyssey) & Andromache (The Iliad)
Wedge Antilles (Star Wars: Original Trilogy) & Corran Horn (Star Wars: Legends)

Poirot and Nancy Drew - This could be fun with the 30s era Nancy Drew! Country house party ahoy!
Marple and Poirot - This could be fun, doesn't need to be case-fic but maybe a Tuesday Night Club meeting with extras - feel free to involve Ariadne Oliver and her "if we had a woman at the head of Scotland Yard" line
Marple and Nancy Drew - Could also be fun with 30s era Nancy Drew
Jane Marple and Maud Silver - So I've recently discovered Miss Silver and I think these two could be entertaining - Jane is all about the gill of pickled shrimp, while Miss Silver is an inquiry agent
Kitty and Toralei - If you do this, please give me all the catty mischief in the world
Patience and Jenny - I think these two could share a great friendship
Jyn Erso and Wedge Antilles - Possible they never met, but now my head canon says that Rogue Squadron is named after Rogue One...
Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn - I'd love some Rogue Squadron book-era hijinks
Penelope and Andromache - What if Odysseus brought her home with him?

The taglines above pretty much speak for themselves. I do not need case fic, but more how the characters would play off each other for the mystery ones. I can totally see Poirot respecting and using Nancy's abilities, while Jane Marple would adopt more of a maiden aunt stand. Jane Marple and Maud Silver have a knitting session?

If you go for Kitty and Toralei, all the catty in-jokes you can squeeze in, please. I would prefer mischief to malice.

Patience and Jenny - maybe set against a season. If you'd like to pit the married Julia Oversley against Tiffany Wield and have these two ladies in the cheering section, go for it.

I plan to read the Rogue One novel before the challenge, so if you've read it, play with it.

Wedge Antilles - I really really loved Rogue Squadron books.

Penelope and Andromache - I'm interested in how these two might interact, either with Odysseus bringing her to Ithaca or some sort of AU where this queen and princess could meet on even ground.

5. Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher/Jack Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard (TNG), Beverly Crusher/William Riker/Deanna Troi (TNG), Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard (TNG)

Suddenly I need Beverly/Jack/Jean-Luc in my life. Bonus points if you work in the whole Q-Squared alternate universe dealie
Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard might have been my first real ship. Sweet and sexy and open to possibilities, unlike the end of Attached...
So I meant to nominate Beverly Crusher/Will Riker and forgot... long ago and far away there was a fanfic where the two of them hooked up when they were stranded on a starbase (I think strip poker might have been involved) - so maybe expand that to cover Will/Deanna/Beverly?

I don't have much else to say, except a huge thank you to whoever nominated Beverly/Jack/Jean-Luc because now I need it. That, I could see as more of a long-term relationship, while in my head the Will/Deanna/Bev thing seems more of a fling. Probably my long history of Peter David novels.

6. Star Wars: Original Trilogy
Wedge Antilles & Leia Organa (Original), Wedge Antilles/Leia Organa (Original), Wedge Antilles & Biggs Darklighter & Luke Skywalker (Original), Wedge Antilles & Biggs Darklighter (Original)

Hi, I'm a Wedge Antilles fangirl of long standing. I LOVE the Rogue Squadron books so please feel free to tie all that RIGHT in

For Wedge & Leia, just something slice of life would be nice
For Wedge/Leia, I'm thinking fling or stress relief
For Wedge & Biggs & Luke, there's not much time, but maybe something AU? or drop Luke altogether

I don't have much to add, but if you wanted to hook any of these to the SW crossover prompts, I'd be down for that as well. For either of the Wedge and Leia relationships, I'd really enjoy something set on Yavin.

7. Voltron: Lion Voltron
Allura & Blue Lion (Voltron: Lion Voltron), Allura/Lance (Voltron: Lion Voltron), Allura & Romelle (Voltron: Lion Voltron)

I love Allura.
Allura & the Lion - there's always been the hint that the Lions are more alive than machines, play on this?
Allura/Lance - strictly fling time but I know he'd show her a good time
Allura & Romelle - slice of life or comparing notes on Keith and Sven...

Not much to add here, but I enjoy seeing the original Voltron get a little fic love.

8. Vorkosigan Saga
Tej Arqua & Alys Vorpatril, Ivan Vorpatril/Tej Arqua Vorpatril, Tej Arqua & Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan

I love Tej.
How does Alys feel about her? Shopping trip maybe?
Tej & Cordelia - feel free to play on the whole "Barrayarans!" aspect, maybe comparing notes? Feel free to have Cordelia be more forthright than Tej expects... you know, like she does.
Ivan/Tej - sweet and sexy, maybe with a dealing with weird Barrayaran cultural stuff aspect?

Not much to add, other than to tell you how much I love Tej and Ivan. They are my very favorite couple in that series. Even if you go with one of the gen prompts, feel free to toss Ivan in.

9. G.I. Joe (cartoon)
Deep-Six & Torpedo, Cover Girl/Wayne "Beach Head" Sneeden, Cover Girl & Shipwreck, Steeler/Baroness, Scarlett & Jinx

I love this cartoon, and did some of my first real writing for it.

Deep Six and Torpedo - I love their snarky banter and commentary.
CG/Beach Head - I was there when this ship was created, and I still love it.
CG & Shipwreck - I'm thinking prank war all of a sudden...
Steeler/Baroness - the whole Worlds Without End deal... please expand on their relationship
Scarlett & Jinx - maybe comparing notes? or a girls' night out

Feel free to combine the 2 CG prompts if you like (if you have some way to make CG/BH pull a prank on Shipwreck, I'd be down for that). Also, I took them off, but feel free to work Alpine and Bazooka in as well in any of the stories. I didn't want a story with just them, but I do enjoy them. It was one of the ensemble cartoons I really enjoyed, so feel free to play with that.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Number One/Pike

I love these two - sweet and sexy, maybe shore leave?

Definitely go sweet or sexy with these two. Unauthorized use of the forward observation deck maybe?

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