Mar. 27th, 2017

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It goes without saying that I know I'll love what you write, so good luck!

General Stuff:

Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark. Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.

I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!

I generally prefer het or gen. I'm good with explicit sex, but I am not really into any kinks.

I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types (Unless they ARE all at boarding school together...)

Stories where problems are solved by feminine insight/intuition rock!

If you know more than one of the requested fandoms, I love crossovers. But only if you like to write them!

I love urban legends - the vanishing hitchhiker in particular (as you will see).

I also have a fascination for unsolved crimes/mysteries, people who've disappeared, and bodies with no names.

Please no explicit violence/gore (nothing higher than what already exists in a canon) and no graphic sexual violence. I'd also prefer you avoid major (i.e. nominated) character death. Also please no animal violence/cruelty.

Stuff about music:

So this is the first time I’ve signed up for an exchange that is limited to fic/etc where the fandom is songs. Be gentle.

Musically, I like a lot of stuff. As you can see from the requests, my musical taste was largely influenced by country music in the 1980s and 1990s. But I like a lot of songs, if not necessarily following any artists specifically. I could probably have done an entire signup of Reba McEntire songs.

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