Jan. 2nd, 2017

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In light of the recent news about LJ and the possibility that the Russian company may decide LJ just isn't worth it, I've imported my LJ to Dreamwidth. I'm going to have to buy some icon space...

Still going to cross-post to LJ, but the last thing I want to have happen is for all my memories to disappear.
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This is the final installment of 2016 Dead Tree Reading. I think for 2017 I am going to do it on a monthly basis, since I'm also participating in a reading challenge.

Pretty much everything in this one was a Christmas gift.

108. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling - This is the screenplay of course, but still enjoyable. I really liked the movie.

109. Modern Pioneering by Georgia Pellegrini - Combo of cookbook and reference book on how to do some pioneer/homesteady type stuff. We're looking forward to trying the watermelon keg they demonstrate this summer...

110. Balaboosta by Einat Admony - Cookbook that I've had on my Amazon WL for awhile - Middle Eastern/Israeli food. I enjoyed the recipes a little more than the author's "let me show you my life", but it was all pretty decent.

111. The Animals' Santa by Jan Brett - I bought a copy of this for my nephew, and couldn't resist one of my own. Arctic woodland animals get a visit from a Santa of their very own. Simple but pretty.

So, 111 dead tree books read for 2016.
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It's time for the last Kindle Reading roundup of 2016.

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Total for the year: 282.
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For this Yuletide, I wrote 5 stories (assignment and 4 pinch hits) for the main collection and 4 stories for Madness.

Games Aren't Always Fun is a Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon fic, Eric-centric. I got a cool prompt and the recipient loved it, so everyone was happy. I wanted to do something a little shippier for it, but it just didn't flow that way.

Just A Quiet House Party is a Hercule Poirot and Captain America crossover, likely AU. Of course Captain Hastings, he reads about the exploits of Captain America... I enjoyed doing a Poirot crossover (why I jumped on it) and the recipient enjoyed it.

Journey to A New World is a Nantucket fanfic focused on Kashtiliash and Kathryn Hollard. I'm afraid the recipient wasn't too shocked to find out I wrote it...because I've written all the fic in the Archive for this pair. But they loved it and I enjoyed it and oh no, please don't make me read the book again...

Dearer Than Any Blood Sister is a Gone With The Wind fic that's Melanie-intropection and a little defense of Scarlett. The recipient enjoyed it, and I enjoyed writing on a pretty wide-open prompt.

Unwritten is a Back to the Future fanfic that imagines the impact the time travel had on Marty and his decisions. I enjoyed writing it, the recipient liked it, and I think of the 5, it has been the most popular.

I really appreciated that there wasn't a repeat of last year, where the recipient never acknowledged the story.

For Madness:

Fix The Future is a Back to the Future drabble - Biff Tannen is running for President... look, I think after this year, a little comic relief is warranted and this one appears to have gone over well.

Queen of Babylon is a Nantucket drabble about the Islander sushi bar.

What Morning Will Bring is a DDC drabble.

Relief is a Penric double drabble about Penric's issues with his new occupant.
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So, last year I read over 111 books (I generally only count the ones that stay on the shelf) in dead tree format, and 283 on Kindle.

I'm going to track reading by the month, and see how it goes.

I'm also going to try and work off my TBR pile, which is coming in at 103 right now:



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