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It's time for the last Kindle Reading roundup of 2016.

244. Atlantis and the Silver City by Peter Daughtrey - Interesting theory on how Atlantis was in Portugal. It's pretty well-done, although the author does surrender a few times to "my theory must be right" disease. If the subject interests you, this is worth the read.

245. Beyond Obsession by Richard Hammer - Decent true crime book, but one where the victim doesn't get much of a chance to speak for themselves.

246. Calisthentics: Complete Guide for Bodyweight Exercises by Arnold Yates - Decent reference but nothing new.

247. Christmas Mail Order Angels #2 by Various - This is the second set of the short stories I read, and these were much more what I was expecting - better, more interwoven, and more memorable. Worth the read!

248. Crowned Cousins: Anglo-German Royals by Alan Palmer - Good book on the subject, which has been dealt with, piece by piece, in other books. This book is dated (1985) but well-worth the read.

249. Dead Mountain by Donnie Eichar - Decent read but there were a few issues. One, the author did not really seem to understand the USSR or Russia very well (like, seriously, you got off a train without your passport and you speak no Russian?) - which is problematic in the section that is somewhat like a travelogue. Worth reading, but not at full price.

250. Hawke's Pride by Norah Hess - Bad bodice-ripper - and I mean bad by Norah Hess standards.

251. In Chancery by John Galsworthy - Second book of the Forsyte Family Saga. Solid historical fiction read, but unfortunately not everyone gets what is coming to them.

252. Ladies' Bane by Patricia Wentworth - a Miss Maud Silver mystery with sides of noir and misdirection. It was an enjoyable read.

253. Lady Sings the Blues by Billie Holiday - Well worth the read, even if it's not all true.

254. Love Across the Pond by Amy Corwin - A Regency with a mystery where both are well-done.

255. Miss Withers Regrets by Stuart Palmer - One of the "old is new" mysteries being released. However, can't say I cared much for the main character's quirks.

256. Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers - A standalone by the author who brought us Charlie Chan, this is a fun and zany romp.

257. That First Montana Year by Donna L. Scofield - Decent historical novel - not really a romance, more of a fiction book.

258. The Cheyenne Mail Order Bride Dreams of a Rich Life by Iris Kelly - Decent clean historical with a few twists.

259. The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery Allingham - First intro to Albert Campion, and very much enjoyed!

260. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde - Great SF/F read, although it takes a bit of getting used to. Loved the idea of Richard III RHS-style!

261. The Poor Little Rich Girl by Eleanor Porter - Cautionary tale about letting servants raise (and abuse) your kids, combined with a medicine-induced drug trip. The title characters takes language very seriously, which leads to images like The King's English being represented as a toy soldier.

262. The Warden by Anthony Trollope - Solid historical fiction.

263. The World is Fill of Divorced Women by Jackie Collins - Not a new read, but it was a Kindle Daily Deal.

264. Peep Show by Various Authors - A decent erotica collection based on exhibitionism and voyeurism.

265. The Next Century by David Halberstam - Interesting history book.

266. Beauty: Everland Ever After by Caroline Lee - Good romance but but features a hokey Big Mis plot.

267. Sleep My Child Forever by John Coston - Decent true crime book but dated.

268-9. Beard on Birds and Beard on Pasta by James Beard - One-subject cookbooks, but very enjoyable.

270. The Man of Property by John Galsworthy - Book 1 of the Forsyte Saga. Solid historical fiction read.

271. The Hittites and the Lydians by Charles River Editors - Solid history book.

272. In The Balance by Patricia Wentworth - Miss Silver strikes again. However, possible trigger warning - there is so much gaslighting in this book, it should come with its own utility bill.

272. Lonesome Road by Patricia Wentworth - Miss Silver, with an annoying client.

273. The Catherine Wheel by Patricia Wentworth - Miss Silver again, with a mildly dysfunctional family, someone trying to play games with their will, and some family secrets. I quite enjoyed it!

274. The Romantics by Mary Roberts Rinehart - Some short stories on relationships.

275. Teacher's Mail Order Bride by Cindy Caldwell - Sweet and clean historical.

276. Baxter Road Miracle by Carlene Havel - Decent inspirational fiction.

277-8. Short Stories from Hogwarts: Heroism and Short Stories from Hogwarts: Politics by JK Rowling - Interesting looks into the back of HP land.

279. Murder in Paradise by Greg Wilson - Sort of inspired by Ten Little Indians, and sort of inspired by reality TV. Not quite what I was expecting but an enjoyable read.

280. Awakened Love by Regina Tittel - A Christian romance focused on saving one's marriage. Decent read.

281. Through the Wall by Patricia Wentworth - Miss Silver again, with an interesting family issue.

282. Everyday Asian by Marnie Henricksson - Decent Asian cookbook with some interesting recipes.

Total for the year: 282.


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