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Dear GenEx writer,

 So glad that you're going to write me something I'm going to love!

General wants/don't wants:

Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark.  Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.  I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!

For gen themes, I really enjoy friends and family.

I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types. (Unless, of course, the characters are already together at boarding school together...)

I am a huge fan of "seemingly unrelated group of people trapped somewhere and discover they a) have something in common and b) can't just leave" - see Clue, see And Then There Were None.  Please feel free to get soap opera-ish!  Half-siblings no one knew about!  Illegitimate siblings you thought were just family friends!  Psycho-half-siblings who want to kill you and take your life over!  Convenient accidents!   Crazy wills and marriages of convenience!

No dubcon/non-con, graphic violence and gore, sexual violence, cruelty to animals.  No major character death that isn't canon (feel free to kill extras off).

On to the specifics...

1. Perry Mason TV - Della & Hamilton Burger, Della & Tragg, Paul Drake & Lt. Anderson, Della & Lt. Anderson

I've always liked how Della interacts with Hamilton Burger and Lt. Tragg - a little adversarial, a little friendly, maybe even a little flirty, but always a lady. Feel free to combine the 2 of these requests as well. I also like Lt. Anderson's character, and how he fits into the groove of the show, and how there's just a little bit more of the cat-and-mouse with him and Paul.  Feel free to include Perry, but don't make him the focus.

2. Ever After High - Lizzie & Duchess, Lizzie & Raven, Alistair & Lizzie

In case you haven't noticed, I have a deep affection for Lizzie Hearts.  I don't really see her as a villain, though.

I like how Lizzie and Duchess interact, especially in the aftermath of Next Top Villain. Roommate hijinks, maybe banding together against Faybelle, something related to general villainy class and how neither of them really belong in it.  I like that they both have prickly streaks.

I'm interested in Lizzie and Alistair (not Lizzie/Alistair, even in exchanges where het is the focus) and how they interact, despite who their parents are. I'd also love to see something with Alistair fending off the female hordes of Ever After High, with some help from Lizzie.

How are Lizzie and Raven getting along in the aftermath of Way Too Wonderland?

3. Miss Marple - Agatha Christie - Jane Marple & Joyce Lempriere, Jane Marple & Jane Helier, Jane Marple & Dolly Bantry, Dolly Bantry & Jane Helier

I love Miss Marple, with her knitting and her gardening and her eavesdropping. It's even better when she's paired up with Dolly Bantry, who's imperious and hard-working and also just as nosy.  I also really love how many of the Tuesday Night Club mysteries requires something of a feminine touch.

Something between Aunt Jane and Joyce Lempriere (who becomes Joan West), preferably before the wedding...or maybe at the wedding? Why does she become Joan?  I love, love, love the Bloodstained Pavement story.

Jane Marple and Jane Helier - maybe Jane H. gets into a glamourous little jam and needs some help from "Aunt Jane".  I don't think she's silly enough to try running another scheme past Jane Marple (Affair of the Bungalow) but maybe she gets caught in someone else's scheme?

Dolly Bantry and Jane Helier - I can't really see these two getting along too well. So maybe they're trapped at an island house party together? Or stormed in? Or something like that. You can add in Jane Marple on this prompt, but I'd like more focus on Dolly and Jane H. But maybe one of Miss Marple's little remarks sets them off... or maybe they team up to try and stump Jane Marple (feel free to have them fail on this).

Or a story that includes all four ladies would rock.

4. Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene - Nancy Drew & Helen Corning, Carson Drew & Hannah Gruen

I love Nancy and Helen together, whether they're trying to solve a mystery or just buy a frock. For this one, feel free to go modern (Nancy Drew Files), or back to the 30s, or yellow spine days.  Would prefer that Helen not be married yet.

Carson Drew and Hannah Gruen - how do these two interact with each other?  This one is more solidly rooted in the yellow spine days, although Nancy Drew Files would be okay as well.  (1930s is right out, since she's a maid in that one.)  Did she work for the Drews before Nancy's mother died, or did Carson hire her later (with help from friends like the Marvins or Faynes, maybe)?  Do they talk about stuff that doesn't involve Nancy?  How does Hannah respond when Carson has dates - do they talk them over after, maybe?  (I don't ship them in any way.)  Or does Hannah only show her affection through caretaking?  Maybe something like Nancy's first day of school or similar?

Feel free to work the 2 together.

5. Crossover Fandoms - See below for pairings

Jane Marple meets Nancy Drew - this could be interesting.  I'd love to see something on a ship, or in a hotel, some sort of travel venue for these ladies.  Also, I'd like to think that they'd recognize a kindred spirit.

Kitty Cheshire and Toralei Stripe - Cattiness squared. I'd love to see these two getting their claws into people on both sides, although maybe more in the MH setting.

Nancy Drew and Della Street - Maybe Carson has a case in LA?  Yes, the 1950s-1960s LA of the TV show.

Nancy Drew and Nan Bobbsey - Maybe Nan can pick up some pointers. Or maybe Nancy takes a trip to Lakeport.  Or maybe, travel venues.  Feel free to include Bert or Nellie Parks but please PLEASE avoid the younger twins.

Penelope and Andromache - Maybe Odysseus takes her home with him instead - or maybe the two of them could somehow talk sense into people.

Patience Chartley and Jenny Chawleigh - I think these two would be a wonderful friendship, maybe during a London season (preferably after Patience and Julian are married).  Bonus points if this somehow involves Tiffany Wield, Julia Oversley, and/or their offspring getting knocked down a few notches.

6. Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold - Alys Vorpatril & Tej Arqua Vorpatril

I love both of these two. I'd like to see Alys in grandmere mode.  Or maybe fashion advisement mode.  Preferably set on Barrayar.

7. He-Man and MOTU - Queen Marlena & Adam|He-Man

I love these two together, and I love that Marlena knows his secret.  Well, to be honest, I love everything about the Rainbow Warrior episode.  Love to see Marlena taking an active hand.  But I'd also be interested in something from Adam's childhood or infancy, or maybe right after he gets his revelation (obviously he doesn't know she knows then).  I'd prefer nothing that focuses on Marlena mediating between Randor and Adam.

8. Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis - James Dunworthy & Kivrin Engle, Kivrin Engle & Colin Templer

I've only read Domesday Book, but... wow.

How does Dunworthy deal with Kivrin now? Does he give her any help processing her experiences?

I'd love to see Colin and Kivrin together - maybe with a touch of flirtiness from Colin, but he's serious about becoming a timetravel historian. Or maybe Kivrin can tell him some things she can't tell Dunworthy... Especially if she feels some pressure to not be the historian who ensured Medieval stayed a 10 forever.

These two prompts could be combined, as well, if that works for you.



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