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General wants/don't wants: Stories don’t need to be super sappy and sugary/fluffy, but please don’t get all grim and dark.  Bittersweet can work if there are hopeful tinges.  I like humor, and I don't think I do a good job of writing it - sparkling snappy dialogue always works!

I generally prefer het or gen.  Explicit sex can be good, romance is always in (as applicable for this challenge).

I'm a fan of AU, but prefer canon-divergence or "what-if" scenarios, rather than "all the characters are at boarding school together" types.

I am a huge fan of "seemingly unrelated group of people trapped somewhere and discover they a) have something in common and b) can't just leave" - see Clue, see And Then There Were None.  Please feel free to get soap opera-ish!  Half-siblings no one knew about!  Illegitimate siblings you thought were just family friends!  Psycho-half-siblings who want to kill you and take your life over!  Convenient accidents!   Crazy wills and marriages of convenience!

No dubcon/non-con, graphic violence and gore, sexual violence, cruelty to animals.  No major character death that isn't canon (feel free to kill extras off).

No matter which fandom we match on, I know I'm going to love what you write!  So good luck!

1. Greek and Roman Mythology
    Demeter, Clytemnestra

Of all the gods and goddesses, Demeter should surely have some compassion for Clytemnestra.  I hate the whole emphasis on the fact that she cheated on her husband and killed him (in the bath), while ignoring the whole part where Agamemmnon was totally cool with sacrificing their little girl Iphigenia so they could go fight the Trojans.  She's not generally a pleasant character, but I feel like she gets a bad rap.  I can't really blame her for not being Penelope, because I doubt that lady would have been as faithful to Odysseus if he'd been a jerk of the order Agamemmnon is.  Help her get a little love.  Feel free to go canon-divergent.  I have read the Oresteia but it's been awhile.  Interested in the interaction between the two mothers, not so much Persephone and Electra.  Although if you need to use them, go ahead.

2. The LEGO Movie
    Unikitty, Bad Cop/Good Cop

So, Unikitty was pretty much my favorite part of the movie.  I knew as soon as I saw her, I was going to love her.  She's a princess rainbow unicorn kitty (with a bit of a mean side when needed) - what more do you need?  They drew Bad Cop/Good Cop's face back on in the movie, but I imagine he still spends plenty of time wrestling with the good/bad issue.  Maybe Unikitty could help him... it's fine if you show him being frustrated about her help along the way.  I do NOT want anything shippy.  Just remember, every idea is a good idea (except for the NOT HAPPY ones).

3. Star Wars Original Trilogy
    Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles

I'll be honest and tell you I almost took this request off - the only reason I didn't is because the FAQ says matching needs all the characters to be there.  I'm not really sure exactly what I want for this one.  Some quiet time in between events shown in the movies?  Maybe a diplomatic function where Rogue Leader is either a) bored out of his skull or b) useful. I'm a big fan of the EU (yes, the one that they said no longer exists), so if you want to work in stuff from the Rogue Squadron novels go right ahead.  I'd prefer that their interactions not be too Luke focused (in fact, if you could just leave him out, that would be great).  Not looking for shippy here, but wouldnt say no to a little flirtation.  One of my first fangirl crushes was Wedge Antilles.

4. Wreck-It Ralph
    Fix-It Felix Jr., Mr. Larry Litwak

Larry Litwak has been relying on Fix-It Felix Jr. to bring in people for a long time.  How does he feel about the old games and their sudden "upgrade" at the end?  Maybe he plays a little Fix-It Felix Jr. after hours to relax?  Does he have a passion for old games, and only have the stuff like Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush to bring in the kids?  Does anyone ever wonder why this old game console is still hanging around?  And does he ever notice strange things in the arcade, either when he comes in the morning or late at night?  I picked Felix because that seems like the sort of game this guy would play himself (or maybe some other classics, like Pac-Man, Mario, Shinobi).

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