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Getting ready to get out of here, although there's a lot of stuff not set in stone yet.  I'm going to try and mail my footlocker Saturday, and then I'll have to mail a smaller box when we get closer.

I've been reading a lot (shocker, I know), especially since Amazon has a Big Deal going until the 11th.  There's been some stuff worth reading in there, including several Perry Mason novels.  Now I want to a) rewatch the show and b) need a Nancy Drew/Perry Mason crossover.  Some of the early ones are definitely pulpy but enjoyable.  Loving the sparks between Perry and Della.

Right now, I'm reading an American Western historical by Carla Kelly, who has written several very good Regencies with people in need of redemption.  This book, Her Hesitant Heart, is just as good if you're a Carla Kelly fan - $1.99 in the Big Deal.

Starting to think about Yuletide (I know, it's only May) and what I want to ask for.  I have my assignment for Night on Fic Mountain that makes me happy, and I have my long ND fanfic to finish.  Finally.  I know.

I think I want to branch out and ask for Twilight Zone - specifically, "The Odyssey of Flight 33".  Trying to buy it from iTunes, but no cooperation from internet here.  I had to pack the disc away.

Oh, and a 10 page paper for my final in class.

Thinking about bookplates for the library.

I found and fixed the error in my checkbook, so that's good.

Just a typical Thursday here.  Fridays are late days for everyone else, so good days for me.  Plenty of peace and quiet to get things accomplished.



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