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I got my Once Upon a Fanfic letter up just in time - assignments are out!

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So I really love this challenge. It gives me a chance to step outside the sort of thing I normally write, and it gives me the opportunity to get some nice ghost encounter stories and/or a mythology fix.

General: Try not to make everything too dark - some darkness in the progress of the story is fine, but don't end it that way. Bittersweet or slightly creepy "do I want to turn on the lights before I go up" is always good.

I also love crossovers. If you want to smash a few of the prompts together, I would be A-OK with that. I'd also be cool with you dragging in characters from other fandoms (Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys investigate the Ocean-Born Mary house or encounter "Room for One More"? Go for it.)

If you want more about my writing likes/dislikes, check out the "dear Yuletide writer" tag.

I'm good with sexual activity that fits with the characters and situation.

1. Ocean-Born Mary
Ocean-Born Mary, Don Pedro's Mother, Don Pedro

I'd be interested in how Mary and Don Pedro meet up again, when he marries her.
But I'd also be interested in how Don Pedro's mother reacts when she about her little namesake. Or maybe she urges her son to go find her.
But I'd also also be interested in a story where people move into Ocean-Born Mary's house and interact with the ghosts...

See above notes about crossovers. I'd love to see Mary and Don Pedro interact. Perhaps there is a picture of the rare silk dress she is married in - or perhaps there is enough held back to marry Don Pedro in?

The version of the story told in C.B. Colby's Strangely Enough invokes the possibility that Ocean-Born Mary still haunts the place - you can roll with this.

Or maybe a young couple decides to renovate or restore? Do they find the treasure? Does the ghost help?

2. Room for One More
Visitor at the House, Man Carrying the Coffin, House's Owner

So I have loved this story forever. I'm not so interested in Lord Dufferin, but more in the character types. Feel free to populate this story with some fresh characters.

Nancy Drew, or perhaps M. Poirot and the good Hastings? I don't have many more suggestions. There's also the Twilight Zone adaptation of the story, "Twenty Two" that may be helpful.

3. The Lady Lovibond
Simon Reed, Simon Reed's Bride, John Rivers, The Lady Lovibond

I really love this story, especially the whole "repeating appearances" theme - are the people on board stuck in a Flying Dutchman-esque loop where they keep reliving it? Do descendants have to be present? Is there some way to avert the disaster?

So, I love this story. I first found it in a Regency (The Haunting of Henrietta by Sandra Heath, if you're interested) and was stoked to find there was a "real" story as well. ("Real" because the source indicates that it may be a made-up story. I dont care, still love it.) It's a pretty open field, but I like:

* ghosts trying to affect their fate/prevent others from wrecking
* introspection from the ghosts (particularly the bride) - either after they become ghosts or the events of the night itself
* a modern day ship meeting up with them - bonus points for descendants/family members being on board OR having skeptics of the ghost ship on board

4. The Little Match Girl
The Little Match Girl

I'm always taken by the sadness of this story - especially the animated version that is in the Disney Short Films collection with Frozen Fever, with its Russian setting.

What I'm really interested in here is seeing the Little Match Girl's ghost helping other children - does she take on the role of the grandmother, rescuing children who have been forgotten and abandoned? Maybe she helps out cats? Or maybe it's the story of the Little Match Kitten?

I don't have anything else to really add - if you haven't seen the short, it is well-worth seeing. Have some tissues.

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So, I'm a Star Wars fan.

A Star Wars fan who's a little sad that the Extended Universe got handwaved away - I really loved Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole, and my requests this year reflect that. (I think last year I found this exchange after noms had already happened...)

However, I'm also a Star Wars fan who thought Rogue One totally and completely rocked it out of the park. Loved it loved it loved it!

Please don't refer to anything that happened after the godawful Vector Prime and switch to Del Rey.

I'm also not a very active Star Wars fan. I enjoyed TFA, I love the original 3, and I am NOT a fan of the prequels. My heart is with the original 3 (and Rogue One, now that it exists) and the "waved away" Extended Universe.

I'm also not really a Luke fan. Give me Han and Wedge any day of the week. And maybe Ben Kenobi.

General wants: I'm okay with fluffy-but-not-unrelieved-sugar, bittersweet-but-not-despair-of-the-ages, humor, romance, adventure, mystery. I am not opposed to sex as long as it's in character. Explicit is okay, but so is fade to black. I like "what-if" AUs, but not "Star Wars: The Dorms".

On all my requests, I'm TOTALLY and completely fine with the idea of the characters being in a tapcafe or cantina or bar telling stories about "that one time" - or having encounters in bars.

I forgot to nominate him alone this yer, but last year I had a request where Biggs lived and HE became the most famous pilot from Tatooine. Feel free to work this idea into any of your stories, if you like.

General DNW: No noncon, dubcon, graphic violence or torture, major character death (that's not already canon compliant - i.e., Han in TFA).

I know whatever you write, I'm going to love!

My requests:
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Dear Chocolatier,

I just know I'm going to enjoy whatever you write, so don't stress about it.

Also, I'm totally greedy when it comes to this challenge, because we're allowed to pick so many small things - I like all of them! I also love love love treats.

Ratings: I like everything from fade to black to steamy to explicit.

General DNW: dubcon, noncon, major character death that is not canonical, and nothing too dark (bittersweet is good, grimdark is not).

General Wants: female-focus fics, missing moments, friendships, relationships, AUs based on divergence (not coffee shop AUs), sexy/sweet slices of life.

If you want more of me rambling about things I like, check out my "exchanges", "dear yuletide writer", and "dear writer" tags.

On to the requests:
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So, last year I read over 111 books (I generally only count the ones that stay on the shelf) in dead tree format, and 283 on Kindle.

I'm going to track reading by the month, and see how it goes.

I'm also going to try and work off my TBR pile, which is coming in at 103 right now:

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For this Yuletide, I wrote 5 stories (assignment and 4 pinch hits) for the main collection and 4 stories for Madness.

Games Aren't Always Fun is a Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon fic, Eric-centric. I got a cool prompt and the recipient loved it, so everyone was happy. I wanted to do something a little shippier for it, but it just didn't flow that way.

Just A Quiet House Party is a Hercule Poirot and Captain America crossover, likely AU. Of course Captain Hastings, he reads about the exploits of Captain America... I enjoyed doing a Poirot crossover (why I jumped on it) and the recipient enjoyed it.

Journey to A New World is a Nantucket fanfic focused on Kashtiliash and Kathryn Hollard. I'm afraid the recipient wasn't too shocked to find out I wrote it...because I've written all the fic in the Archive for this pair. But they loved it and I enjoyed it and oh no, please don't make me read the book again...

Dearer Than Any Blood Sister is a Gone With The Wind fic that's Melanie-intropection and a little defense of Scarlett. The recipient enjoyed it, and I enjoyed writing on a pretty wide-open prompt.

Unwritten is a Back to the Future fanfic that imagines the impact the time travel had on Marty and his decisions. I enjoyed writing it, the recipient liked it, and I think of the 5, it has been the most popular.

I really appreciated that there wasn't a repeat of last year, where the recipient never acknowledged the story.

For Madness:

Fix The Future is a Back to the Future drabble - Biff Tannen is running for President... look, I think after this year, a little comic relief is warranted and this one appears to have gone over well.

Queen of Babylon is a Nantucket drabble about the Islander sushi bar.

What Morning Will Bring is a DDC drabble.

Relief is a Penric double drabble about Penric's issues with his new occupant.
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It's time for the last Kindle Reading roundup of 2016.

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Total for the year: 282.
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This is the final installment of 2016 Dead Tree Reading. I think for 2017 I am going to do it on a monthly basis, since I'm also participating in a reading challenge.

Pretty much everything in this one was a Christmas gift.

108. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling - This is the screenplay of course, but still enjoyable. I really liked the movie.

109. Modern Pioneering by Georgia Pellegrini - Combo of cookbook and reference book on how to do some pioneer/homesteady type stuff. We're looking forward to trying the watermelon keg they demonstrate this summer...

110. Balaboosta by Einat Admony - Cookbook that I've had on my Amazon WL for awhile - Middle Eastern/Israeli food. I enjoyed the recipes a little more than the author's "let me show you my life", but it was all pretty decent.

111. The Animals' Santa by Jan Brett - I bought a copy of this for my nephew, and couldn't resist one of my own. Arctic woodland animals get a visit from a Santa of their very own. Simple but pretty.

So, 111 dead tree books read for 2016.
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In light of the recent news about LJ and the possibility that the Russian company may decide LJ just isn't worth it, I've imported my LJ to Dreamwidth. I'm going to have to buy some icon space...

Still going to cross-post to LJ, but the last thing I want to have happen is for all my memories to disappear.
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 Welcome back to the Kindle tour!

 The Classics section is home to the important classics of literature that don't fit into other categories.  Some of the titles include Lost Horizon by James Hilton, The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Little Women, King Solomon's Mines, Babbitt, a lot of Edith Wharton, The Handmaid's Tale, A nimal Farm, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

 This category could use some revamp, since I established a "Historical Fiction" category later in the game, that provides a place for works that aren't classic but older.

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 This semester's contribution towards my MA in History was The Atlantic World.  Plenty of reading for it.  Only the books in bold are the ones that remain on my shelf.

Dead Tree 93-107 )

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 I got a Vorkosigan Saga story - which is nice, because probably the last year they'll be YT-eligible.

 It's called Midwinter Unfair, and it falls in the "Barrayaran social romp" category, featuring Ivan Xav and Tej AND Duv and Delia.

 This year I wrote 5 stories for the main collection (my assigment and 4 pinch hits) and 4 stories for Madness, so until I can reveal them, enjoy this one!

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It's been awhile.  Unfortunately, I find it much harder to fit in actual books that aren't school related when class is in session.  It's just so much easier to carry my Kindle with me, read while doing chores, in bed, etc.
Dead Tree 70-92 )

I also read Haunted Highways (a collection of paranormal/legends) and a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys SuperMystery (80s/90s), Dangerous Games.  We're currently reading MORE Cherry Ames.

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My latest pieces:

My assignment for ToT ended up being a pair of Walter-centric fics for Anne of Green Gables. Let The Piper Play is a missing-scene, last night at Courcelette fic.  To Follow the Piper is a fix-it fic.

My pinch hit was a pair of Vorkosigan Saga fics.  Cleaning House deals with Simon Illyan, tidying up.  Penance is a Simon-centric story.

Then I did some extras:

One Last Job is a Poirot piece set after Curtain.

Never Leave It Behind is a Dungeons and Dragons cartoon drabble.

Once Upon A Time on Arus is a Voltron DOTU piece.

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Kin I get Yew Some Coffee, ma'am was written for one of my prompts in the Bujold Ficathon 2016.  Laisa-centric.

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It's been awhile.  I can only pleas work and class and wedding.

Looking Back, Looking Forward is my story for You Can Do That In Fanfic.  It's Pizzazz from Jem, 20 years later.

Freedom is a drabble I did for a challenge elsewhere, based on A Little Princess.  The Bastille is no more...

For GenEx, I did one called Mirror Images, featuring a meeting between Spock and Mirror Spock.  I also did a pinch hit for Miss Marple called Advice from Aunt Jane featuring Jane Marple, Jane Helier and Dolly Bantry.

For Darkest Night, I wrote In His Shadow, dealing with Thomas Riker and his post-rescue life.  (NOT the one the show gave him, because that sucked.)

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I've been remiss about updating lately.

My gifts for Trick or Treat Exchange were very spiffy.

The one most likely to be of interest to people reading here is called History, a Vorkosigan Saga fanfic that has Laisa and Tej having tea and an encounter from the past...

There was also a story for Wreck-It Ralph that was delightfully Halloween-apocalypse called Slouching Towards Niceland.  New games aren't always progress...

My last gift was for Star Wars (Original Trilogy) called visitant.  It deals with Wedge Antilles and the things he sees, this time of year.

I'll post about my works when they are revealed.  I haven't had time to read for recs yet.



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